Bold and Beautiful After Botox - Walnut, CA

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Botox is really worth all its hype. I recently got...

Botox is really worth all its hype. I recently got botox injections and i am amazed at the results really. They say botox is youth in an inection and they are not exaggerating.I had alot of wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes and after watching many celebrities getting botox done, i gave it a try too. Blame it on watching E! or other shows on tv, i felt that there must be something true about botox and that is why so many women get it done. So i went to a reputed clinic in CA and asked for youth injections. When the injections started, i felt some mild pain, but the needle was too thin. It was like acupuncture almost. I saw some results immidiately after getting it done and after a few weeks, the lines disappeared immidiately. I experienced some discomfort and bruising for a few days but it was not alarming. I plan to go for another series of injections again after 6 months to get the face cleared completely. The good thing about botox is that it is more effective than chemical peels and it costs less too.Botox is also a better substitute than face lift. You don't have to undergo a surgery to look young anymore. The recovery time is faster than any other treatment. All you have to really do is aviod lifting heavy things for a few hours after botox and that's it.

I am very happy with my botox results. I am a 37 years old asian woman and now i look almost 27 i think. I am definetly going to go for botox again.

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