Lipo on Calves and Tummy, Do Your Research, Beware - Boise, ID

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So I searched for a dr to do lipo on my calves and...

So I searched for a dr to do lipo on my calves and tummy for about a year. It's hard to find someone good since the calves are difficult. Biggest mistake of my life! I stressed that I wanted the incisions to be hidden on my calves and tummy. How hard is it for a "skilled artist" to hide incisions in my belly button or below my large breasts or behind my knees and by my ankles? Pretty hard apparently because I have 4 scars on each calve in very visible spots. I had to have the incisions cut out because they were indented (he didn't stitch them up) after that I had to have numerous laser treatments because PAL(power assisted lipo) was used instead of smart lipo as promised. The rubbing on my skin from the cannula left burn marks on every incision! So I spent thousands of dollars after the actual lipo to get rid of the scars and they are still there! As for my tummy, it is uneven, lumpy and bumpy. there is a line running across my tummy that is also indented permanently with two incisions at each end. I can't wear a two piece anymore. I cry everytime I see myself in the mirror. Why get lipo if the world is going to know because you have major scars! My stomach is permanently deformed and my calves are scarred and I had to pay thousands more to be able to wear shorts! Please go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. If it doesn't feel right then it isn't.
Dr. Brian Kerr

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