Full Body Vaser, Fat Transfer to Breasts and Butt - Bogata, Columbia

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4 months after surgery, this is what i have, still...

4 months after surgery, this is what i have, still hoping things will get better, i would really appreciate some input from doctors, as i am very scared.
1- i have one normal fleshy arm with saggy skin from the inside, and one very thin arm that is too tight from the inside, difference in circumference between the two arms is 2 cm. one arm was over sucked for sure.
2- my thighs look terrible, my inner thighs have a big groove all along. i feel like my thighs were done from both the inner and outer thighs, but not from the front and back, so they look thin from the front and the back but still the same from the side.
3- my abdomen and waist is too thin, my hip bones are too clear and they hurt, both of which made me look like i have a tummy which i never had a problem with.
4- my back is the only part of me that looks good (maybe because i can't see it clearly!!!!!!!!!!!)
5- my butt is still too big even though i asked to look like i exercised a bit more (nothing sexy was my request)
6- my breasts look the same, from the first month the fat was already dissolved.

deformed arms and legs

can i have fat transfered to oversucked arms? and to holes in my oversucked thighs? would it help if i gain weight?

deformed thighs

graphic of my thigh

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my doctor was not talkative at all when i met him the day before surgery. i was clear about getting vaser hd because it promises skin retraction as i have soft skin. doctor said if skin does not retract it will not look worse. it is worse so dont do it if you have soft skin. my markings were done AFTER i was given something to calm me down. so i had no say in anything, and my legs were not marked at all!!!!!!!!!!! be sure to make your markings in front of a mirror, and while completely awake otherwise you will end up with a form that your doctor thinks is nice. i am sending this review to save people thinking about doing what i did, doctors dont share the downside of surgery.

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