Thought Why Not - Bogota, Colombia

Since I was having some other procedures done,...

since I was having some other procedures done, decided why not have this done as it was affordable
I am getting the PRP for face as well as hair loss - will try and post pics after the procedure on Saturday

Doctor was pretty clear on what is possible with this procedure and what isn't (don't expect it to work like a filler, etc) - more of a treatment to hydrate the skin and give it nutrition. Repeat sessions are needed - I think he said 3 in the first year and then yearly (?)

still unsure

I am going to leave my review at unsure because I am unsure this procedure helped me.

I will add though that since returning to Sydney I have found a doctor in campbelltown shopping centre's basement medical centre who I went to to have this procedure done two more times. I am very happy with him and he seems very skilled and knowledgable in this and many other cosmetic procedures. Even thinking of getting fillers with him.

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