Help Me Pick a Doctor !! Thinking on Going to Bogota

So been doing my search for days now and I get...

So been doing my search for days now and I get more over welmed. I first thought of staying in the states but the prices are crazy. After few searches I though of Miami but didn't like any of their work.Colombia is were I want to go but who is the right surgeon? I will prefer to go to Bogota because I can get direct fight from any suggestions? I had in mind Camacho, Amaya.

Looking for Surgery Buddies!!

Hello Lady's ,I am thinking of getting surgery in Miami with Dr Alvarez !!! The decision was not easy many doctors out there and it makes it really hard to decide.The only problem is that I am flying out from NY and will love to have someone also having surgery with me. I haven't picked a date yet but looking to have it near the end of Nov beginning of Dec.Let me know if anyone is up for it.

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