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I was not going to write a review but I don't want...

I was not going to write a review but I don't want anybody to do what I did, fly to a foreign country, and "figure it out as you go". I will add pictures of everything as I go. I will not post nude pictures of me but I will be happy to share before and after pictures if you send me a private message. Please feel free to ask any questions. Hope you find this helpful =)

I always knew that when I was ready for cosmetic surgery I was going to do it in Colombia. After months of reading reviews on this site I interviewed with 4 renowned surgeons in Cali and chose one of them. But 3 weeks before my surgery I had a change of heart and cancelled my appointment. And started from scratch.
I went straight to the Colombia plastic surgeons association and searched for "Honorary Members" which is a very high rank that very few surgeons obtain. I Printed out the list of names and started my research.
One of the names was John Sanabria. Went to his website, looked at B/A pics and saw that the pics were watermarked with Freddy Sanabria. Out of curiosity, I decided to search him up and read everything I could find about him.
Sent him an email and he responded within 48 hours.

Fast forward to my appointment. Sept 18 2016
I arrived at a very nice building where the office and clinic is. Went in through the garage because I had no idea were I was lol.
Went upstairs, checked in, waited for 30 minutes. Very nice luxurious office with a waterfall wall...
Interviewed with the doctor, went through the whole process which I don't want to bore you with, but I will be very happy to give you details if you ask.
I cannot continue my review before saying that the girls there are just so sweet. I really hope that Dr.Freddy knows that Vicky his receptionist who exchanged emails and phone calls with me almost daily is a treasure. When she first walked up to me I looked like a deer in headlights and I couldn't help but to hug her and I instantly felt 100 times better because she made me feel like everything was going to be ok.

Anyways, we went through the whole process, the doctor answered every single question on my list patiently even though it was late and we were all very tired.

Then I met Anita (his nurse) again, very very sweet girl that I would never be able to pay her back for everything she did for me.

Btw, call your bank while waiting at the office and ask them to talk to your visa/mc rep not the bank rep because I called my bank and told them to do not lock my card and they still did. It took me an hour of call transfers to get it unlocked.

Sept. 18 2016 Surgery day!

Just the normal, went in, got prepped, fell asleep, woke up in a recovery room with a very warm blanket on.

After that they moved me to their clinic, it was very luxurious and very very clean. There when i opened my eyes I saw Anita (nurse) she asked me how I was, if I had any pain and things like that. She took care of me all day and all night. I was in/out of consciousness and every time I opened my eyes there she was either taking my blood pressure, putting a massager on my feet to help with circulation or fixing my head.
That night when I woke up Vicky was there, checking on me after her shift had ended. It was late.

One thing I was surprised, almost shocked was how often the doctors call in to check on their patients. I speak fluent Spanish so I could hear the nurses saying yes, she is stable, we gave her this or that, she asked for water, we told her she will be able to drink very soon... And then they would call over and over again for updates.

Well so, that day I was out of it. The next day when I opened my eyes Anita was there with a delicious breakfast. I asked her what are you still doing here? She just smiled and said she was leaving soon.
Before she left, she came to me and brought my prescription. She asked if I knew where the pharmacy was and I said no. Poor thing sighed, she was exhausted. She said if you want to I can do the favor and get it for you. She went and got my meds (God Bless her for that)

My new nurse was Senora Imelda. Talk about vocation.
She's been there for 20 years. I think she's retired, but refuses to leave lol. Treated me like a niece. Took care of me all night.

By the next day Sept 20, I was ready to walk, had no pain and couldn't stand to lay down anymore and kept asking her to help me get up so that I could walk around the room... She kept coming back to check on me with worry, asking are you dizzy?? lol
She took of my faja and told me to lay down and relax. She kept putting a "cold gel mask" on my eyes because it was the only way to get me to lay down. Dr. John Sanabria (father) walked in and check on me even though I was not his patient. That's just how they are. He smells so good lol.

I think Senora Imelda was relieved to see that my nurse Mayo (My-jo) was there to pick me up, she couldn't keep up with me lol. Mayo gave me a shower. It felt like heaven. She dressed me, pulled my hair back and sat me down, gave me a cup of hot tea and told me to let her know when I was ready to leave to the hotel.

I finished my tea, they called a taxi, Imelda insisted of carrying my purse down, gave me a big hug and sent me to my hotel.

I arrived to my hotel with Mayo. I was a little worried because I'm really not a talker and I was thinking what the heck are we going to do in that room for the next 13 hours? Well, as soon as we closed our door we talked for like 4 hours straight lol. She was just so easy to talk to. I felt like I've known her my whole life.
I mentioned that I haven't had a good cup of coffee since I got here and she was like, I got you. Next thing I know, we have a coffee station, coffee maker, the whole shabang in our room lol. She really knows how to get around.
While we talked, she kept up with my meds schedule, took my vitals every 2 hours, and just cater to any little need I had.
She has been a nurse for a while, worked for many different doctors/clinics and knows all the in and outs. Then she started to speak to me in English. We had a really good time together. She kept waking up every two hours to check on me and take my vitals.

The next morning- Today Sept. 21 was my follow up. We woke up, I showered, had breakfast. She asked me what I wanted to do, I told her I needed some cash but the ATM next to the hotel had a very small limit I could withdraw. She asked me if I was up for walking and I said heck yeah, it was like 72 degrees outside. We got cash at the bank, went to the pharmacy, she got me some wipes, chapstick, sunblock and other necessities I didn't had. She took me to the hair salon, then we went back to the hotel and rested for a little bit.

From there we headed to the doctor's app. He checked how everything was. Honestly I am so' extremely happy I chose Dr. Sanabria I could probably write 3 more pages about how awesome he is, I won't put you all through that but feel free to ask me any questions.

Mayo and I went to lunch and because she knew we just had a few more hours before she left, she explained to me how everything works, where to get a taxi (which is a lot easier than I though) and told me to call her if I needed anything. She promised she would come back to see me before I left Bogota.

Dr. Freddy Sanabria

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