Traveling to Colombia for New Boobies - Colombia, CO

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I'm traveling to Colombia to get my BA! I always...

I'm traveling to Colombia to get my BA! I always wanted silicone implants but after all of the talk about breast implant illness and ruptures I'm scared!! Now I'm leaning towards saline because I'll know if it has ruptured!! My surgery is scheduled for the 13th!! I'm so excited. Anyone have any opinions on sizing or saline vs silicone!! I need all the help and opinions I can get!!! I love reading everyone's stories and reviews, so inspiring.


So I am 5'9.5", 170 pounds, and the brand of the implants I'm getting is allergan implants. I also have 0 kids and I'm turning 21 next month!!

Day one post op!!

This has been a great experience. My pre op appointment when I first met the doctor was amazing. He so so caring and kind!! I ended up choosing 350cc mentor cohesive gel 1, under the muscle and crease incision. The day of surgery the doctor personally came to the recovery house and picked me up and we drove to the Center todgether!! Next thing I know I'm laying on the surgical bed and the anesthesiologist showed me the time ,7:04 am, then told me to have a nice nap, I wake up in the recovery room with boobies. I couldn't even see them tho because I was so out of it. I asked for more morphine and they gave it to me. But I must say having the iv through my hand really hurt everytime they put something through my body!!! I felt really sick after I woke up because I didn't eat yet so I went to the washroom and threw up all of the medication then felt a lot better. After surgery I can move my arms up and down and function perfectly!! The only thing that sucks is lying up and down in bed or using my arms to push me up (which I don't lol) I'm excited to see what they look like after the bandages are off in three days ( compression bandages). I was also expectin to have Frankenstein boobies but I barley have any swelling!!!!! Love dr Dario juris
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