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Body Lift and Liposuction of Legs

Body Lift

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28 Oct 2016

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Body Lift and Liposuction of Legs

I lost a massive amount of weight through weight loss surgery and was left with a lot of excessive skin. I had a body lift and staged liposuction of my thighs. I will be having a thigh lift in the near future. My biggest fear was pain, but Dr. Katzen did a great job managing my pain during recovery. I was impressed how he was great at following up with me. He returned all my calls within a reasonable amount of time. His office staff are wonderful, they understand what his patients needs are, both physical and emotional. Dr. Katzen is great at taking his time to explain the procedure and process to his patients. Not once did he made me feel rushed. I can’t wait to come back to him for the next stage of my transformation.