Lower Body Lift Great Success but Not Happy with Mons Area - Cincinnati, OH

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I had gastric bypass a little over two years ago...

I had gastric bypass a little over two years ago and have lost 130 pounds.  I had a lot of excess skin on my stomach and my insurance covered abdomiplasty but I chose to pay the difference and get a lower body lift.

I am extremely happy with the results of the body lift because now I can wear any type of clothing I want without feeling the need to cover-up my stomach area with long tops.  My body lift was about three months ago and other than popping some stitches in the back a few days after surgery which has taken until now to heal, I am very happy I did it.  I did not have any pain, more of a very uncomfortable feeling of tightness and being bothered by that sensation in an area that you have to bend to sit.

I would definitely recommend the procedure although I think you need to be mentally prepared for the restrictions that will be placed on you and I'm not sure I fully understood those.

The results have been amazing both physically and mentally.  People tell me I seem happier and, the truth is, I am.

The only thing I am not completely happy about is my mons area.  It bulges when I sit and it is larger than normal.  I can't wear some bikini underwear because it does not cover the entire area.  I am wondering about the risks of liposuction on the mons to reduce the fat?  What do I need to know before I make the decision to have a procedure like that done?

Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon

Very professional but very caring and empathic. He made me feel at ease and I trusted him and his abilities totally.

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