35 Years Old, 2 Children, Having Vaser Lipo to Upper Abs, Lower Abs and Flanks

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After 2 pregnancies and some weight gain my...

After 2 pregnancies and some weight gain my stomach area does not look the same anymore.
Wasn't sure if i was a candidate for Vaser lipo or tummy tuck. Although i know i have some loose skin, the recovery for TT seemed a little too much for a working mom and busy life. Therefore I chose lipo.
Just want to look good on a bathing suit again.

Day 1 post op

After the effects of the local anesthetic had passed reality hit hard! Dang this thing was painful!
I was prescribed percocet for the pain... but it made me throw up and I fainted twice. My poor husband was scared.
I have to say that my doctor's office staff bedside manner was amazing. They were really helpful and responded to our concerns quickly.
I decided no longer to take percocet and stick to Tylenol.
Took the bandages off today and again the pain hit me hard, got into my garment and i feel a little better with the support.
I'll try to keep these updated along the way. I am very swollen but I already like my results.

9 days post op

Still very bruised and swollen. I started lymphatic massages on the second day, they really bring some relief.
I'm taking tylenol and ibuprofen ocasionally now. I also noticed some hard painful spots... hopefully it will go away.
My skin is very wrinkled, that kinda worries me.
Hope to get better soon!

3 weeks post op

Such a slow process... I see very little improvement from the my last update. I am less bruised that's for sure. I've been doing everything I can possibly do... lymphatic massages, ultrasound treatment. I am very lumpy and noticed some dents. I am hoping it will go away. Trying to stay positive and patient, but it's being hard to look at myself at this point. :/

5 weeks post-op

8 weeks post op

Started to see some skin retraction. I've purchased 4 Exilis treatments and still doing professional massages once a week. I still have bumps that i hope to go away.
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