Chin Implant removal and fat transplant

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Had multiple procedures, face lift, fat transfer,...

Had multiple procedures, face lift, fat transfer, neck lift & chin implant last July.
chin implant has somehow shifted and needs to be replaced. Going to re-tighten under the neck as well. Having procedures done with locals.
Will post pictures soon. Here are some current pics. The chin is off slightly. The sagginess under my neck is primarily on the right side.

Before and after surgery picture

front and side before of the chin

Done today

Had the chin replaced today. While dr had me thee he also tightened my neck a little more.
We discussed the chin area and decided to go with a second fat transfer. I'm home now, a little sore and tired... But amazing. Will have more pics soon.

Day two

Dr Handal called to see how I'm doing. Wanted me to remove bandages ad sen him front and sides pictures.
I cannot believe how amazing I look. I know there is swelling from the fat transfer, but the overall shape of my jawline looks great.
Im thrilled with my doctor and how much he cares for the outcome and overall happiness. Will continue to rest up for the next few days.

5 days and feeling pretty good!

Coming along great.

Just over 3 weeks

Doing great, still have numbness in my chin and my smile is still off. Seems to get a bit better each day. Here are pictures my husband took last night. He is a hobby photographer and my greatest fan! There is a difference in my jawline where the fat was transferred. I hope it stays because I like the effect.

4 weeks, some complications

I have been struggling with the revision, unfortunately I have very little movement in my left side of lower lip. It's been like this since the recision 4 weeks ago. 2nd week check up with my ps we discussed, is very common and usually resolves after weeks/months. Affects my speech and my smile :-(
I'm feeling sensations and some dull pain so I think it's a good sign that movement will come back.
Another problem is that I have two edges of the implant that are kinda sharp and pushing on my skin which also hurt. It's very disappointing and I'm not sure if this will resolve on its own. I go this Friday for a recheck and hopefully we can come up with a solution to maybe add fuller around the edges. Really sucks....

Corner of implant has moved

Small tail end of implant has popped out of position. Spoke with my dr and he will fix with a small incision in a couple of months. Bottom lip still not moving.... Really hoping this comes back soon, is awful when I'm smiling or laughing.

Two month post revision

Two months tomorrow since my revision chin implant.
Unfortunately things have not improved. The tail on the left side is slipped out of the pocket and will need a repair. I'm not sure what will be required, will be seeing my dr. This week to discuss. The other problem is that my lower lip will still not move downward. I'm not sure if it's due to the implant not in position but it's definitely a concern that has me worried.
This is really disheartening as I've had such a great result. I'm really becoming so afraid as each time I'm afraid of possible damage.
Having these surgical procedures definetly come with risks.

Two months

May 28th revision to fix implant

I'm on the schedule, hopefully this will be a very simple fix.
I'm just so ready to be done at this point.

Feeling and looking like new again!

So just wanted to let all my RSSisters know that I've my PS took great care to overcome the issue I had with implant moving.
My chin bone is an unusual shape and the muscles are so strong in that area tat the implant was literally being pushed even with the three screws.
Dr went back with a local and fixed along with some very creative idea of adjusting the implant to not only be held with screws but also sutures. Then injected Botox to calm down the muscles. Topped off with a fat transfer to plump up the chin and surrounding area.
Recovery was a piece of cake. I'll post some updated pictures soon. Thanks for all the love and support.

Implant got infected and was removed

With great sadness my beautiful chin implant had to be removed. Apps 6 weeks ago I developed a small sore along the edge of the incision scar. It was there for appx 10 days. Started as a little indentation and appeared bruised. I thought maybe I had hit myself... Went to dr and it was clearly an infection. My implant had to be removed. I still wake up every day thinking this has been a bad dream and any minute I'll wake up and be back to the beautiful profile I'd come to love.
I have a indentation where the infection was and my poor chin (which has been through hell) looks sad.
Have no idea what will happen, my dr is just as sad about this as me. We are in the wait and heal mode, not sure what the answer is at this point.

Apps 3 months after implant removal

Hi to all my RS sisters and friends.
Took a couple of pics to show how my healing is coming along. I have some unevenness from where the implant was and bunching of skin where my muscles are pulling when I make certain facial expressions. All in all I think this could have been much worse so I'm pretty glad. My dr and I have both agreed, no more implants. My body is just never going to accept and I really cannot go thru any more surgeries. Will be getting a fat grafting in February and he will fix the small indent at that time.
Thanks to all who have been supporting me with well wishes thru this very long revision process.

Fat transfer to repair lost chin implant

So this Thursday my dr is going to repair the area has a small indent (leftover from where the infection was). I'll also be getting fat grafting to shape and fill out the chin. Actually as this has healed, the pocket that was created for the implant filled out with scar tissue. My profile is way better that prior to my surgery. I'm having done under a local with Valium. My dr may put some extra fat wherever he sees needed which I'm happy to have down. Here are some pics from this morning.

Before initial surgery pictures to compare

Hard to look at!

Fat transfer all done

Yesterday was a great day for me. My ps fixes the chin area that had an indent leftover from the chin implant removal.
My ps also gave me a fat grafting to the chin and my face (lips too)!
I'm a little sore but feel great. I know my chin is gipoing to look wonderful again. I cannot begin to say how much I love my Dr Handal. He truly is such a caring and kind person.
Here are a couple of pics from today. Definitely have duck lips, will be a week or so before they go down.

4 days update

Pretty sore today. Mostly the lips which definetly are looking ducky. Have some bruising, however not as much as i would have thought. Will be going back , probably going to get some very long staring. Oh well this is the price you pay. I swear this is the last time I'm going for anything

2weeks update

So all is well. I'm really happy with the fat transfer. Course I'm sure there is still swelling and I'm not done healing. One note is that the harvest site still hurts like hell!
They took from my left side under the ribs... Ouch!
I'm wearing a support garment which helps.
My lips have come down thank goodness, still need to come down some more though. My husband doesn't like how they look and I agree. Kinda a dead giveaway that you've had work done.
Thanks again to all you special ladies for all the caring and support.

2 month update

Healing well. I'd say my results are about as good as they will get. Had a few units of Botox put in my chin to keep the muscles from bunching. For the most part I'm extremely happy although I would do with my chin implant would have stayed. The results from the fat transfer are nice and they giving me the look that I hope for. Thanks for all the well wishes and hope everyone has a great weekend

Final result with juvaderm lift

I had a syringe of juvaderm lift injected into my chin to smooth out the areas that were not quite perfect.
At this point I'm very satisfied. Sure do I wish the chin implant had stayed? Absolutely. I'm going to need maintenance Botox and filler to keep the chin smooth due to my overactive muscles. Overall I'm very happy with my results. When I look in the mirror, I see fresh and youthful... Not pulled or wind blown. I feel great and it's pretty darn nice to have young guys checking me out! Luv to all.

Update on progress

Has been awhile since I had the implant removed. Healing nicely and overall happy with my outcome.
Here with my little Babycakes. I love this little girl.
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

I love my dr and his staff. They are caring and professional.

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