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I had braces in middle/high school and apparently...

I had braces in middle/high school and apparently didn't wear my retainer like I was supposed to. My teeth are not actually crooked now but my arch shrunk back and crowded all my teeth. Now some are behind others because there's no room.

I've been wanting invisalign for a long time now, but it hasn't been possible. I finally went to my consultation this morning with Dr Nicolas. He's awesome. He examined my teeth and said I'd be perfect for Invisalign. I was worried because my friend went to a different orthodontist and he said she wasn't a good fit, so she had to get metal braces.

My next appointment will be to get the scan done, which apparently is WAY better than those old goopy molds (yuck). They take the images of your teeth to setup the "blue print" for your trays.

I've heard many people say this, and I listened without understanding, but PLEASE go to a real orthodontist and not a dentist. I thought they took the mold then sent it in to the Invisalign office where a program would setup your trays. SO WRONG. Turns out, your Dr picks where every single tooth goes and the path to get there. Dentists are not trained to do this. They offer Invisalign because they want the money. Your results will be very different. So thankful I listened.

Anyways, my friend said her ortho was offering invisalign for $4000. Most of them also offer in house financing (so it doesn't affect your credit) so he wanted $500 down and around $150/month for 24 months. I knew her Dr was young and new and probably offered lower prices but I didn't think my Dr would be too far off. Again, wrong.

His initial price for Invisalign for me was $6280, but gave me enough discounts to get it down to $4710. This isn't much more than my friend's Dr, BUT he requires a $1650 down payment. Which IS a big difference.

In the end, the total price isn't a huge difference and I want perfection. My Dr is experienced and a perfectionist. So it's worth it to come up with the extra money up front. But since I only budgeted the $500 for it this month I need to crunch some numbers.

Excited, though! :)
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