Consultation Review - Had a Consult. He Recommended a Lot of Unnecessary Work That I Didn't Need or Want.. - Boca Raton, FL

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Careful.. he wears the pink ribbon and not an...

careful.. he wears the pink ribbon and not an advocate for Breast Cancer patients..Had a consult and he recommended a lot of work that I didn't need or want.. He became angry with me when he learned that I am not covered .by his insuranceTherefore he tried to me 250 for the consult, when they said it was free. Real Self advertised a free consult,..We renegotiated to 15000. because he said I took alot of his time ... He was angry.. I couldn't believe it...
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He was angry after my consult, because he didn't know that I was not covered ... He doesn't take my insurance and he thought he did so he tried to rack up a big bill..He says it's a free consult, and It's not. he tried charge me 250.00 for a consult after he learned that I wasn't covered by his insurance...We re negotiated to 150.00.. He was angry .Don't trust him.. I wanted to do work on my breast that I didn't need or want.. he tried rack up a big bill thinking the insurance will pay for it.

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