29 Years Old Three Kids Considering BBL with Dr. Thomas Pain at New Look - Boca Raton, FL

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Hello I am new to this forum and considering...

Hello I am new to this forum and considering getting a BBL with Doctor Thomas Pane at new look boca. I am 29 years old with three children. I'm 5'7" and weigh 227 lbs. I do plan to loose at least 15/20 lbs. I haven't really researched a lot about the procedure. I'm just beginning your thoughts on Doctors your experience and items I'll need would be gladly appreciated. Thanks

Date Set

Deposit made date set Sept. 15th 2016. Dr. Thomas Pane. Any suggestions on items needed after surgery and post surgery. I've seen several list but what will I actually need.

Bbl complete

Surgery done.....A lot of pain and soreness.....5000cc taken off 1400 cc put in each cheek praying it all survives.....I'm in love with results.....

Great Doctor

Don't know why there are so many mixed reviews Dr. Thomas Pane was awesome I'd use him again and again and I'd refer him to friends. Great Bed side manner very pleasant. Very knowledgeable about procedure.

Pics coming soon

Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

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