Breast Augmentation and Lift for Sagginess and Loss of Firmness (Age 61)

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At age 61, natural sagginess was inevitablel but I...

At age 61, natural sagginess was inevitablel but I had lost consideralbe amount of weight during a stressful time. I really didn't like how my breasts had drooped and lost firmness.

Got a breast lift with augmentation, but then got grade 3 capsular contracture, which was improve with manual pressure but still not completely gone: hardness and pain still a problem. Doctor did the manual manipulation which did help but I still have some hardness and mishappen breast.

Also had problems with nipple on that breast because I had quit smoking 2 wks before as recommended but apparently not soon enough; nipple turned black and took a very long time to heal and does not look very nice. But at least the fullness is nice above even if not visually what I had hoped for.

I get stinging sensations around the nipple and achiness in breast. The "good" breast also gets occasional stinging sensations around the incisions. How long should I expect these feelings to last?
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He was very caring and kept monitoring my condition every week for several months.

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