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I underwent Blu-U with Levulan on Saturday,...

I underwent Blu-U with Levulan on Saturday, 7/26/2008. The 1st hour was anticipated with a mild to slightly moderate burning sensation when the levulan was applied. After 1-hr of Levulan application, I underwent the Blu-U x 15 minutes which also resulted in a mild to slightly moderate burning sensation.

Now for my 3-day aftermath/results:
7/26/08: Skin extremely "red" similar to that of a severe sun-burn with a mild burning sensation. Slight tenderness.
7/27/08: Skin moderately "red" with still the appearance of a sun-burn. Tenderness has subsided.
7/28/08: A.M. Skin appears to look like an old sun-burn with the peeling process beginning in some areas, (around the mouth and below the eyes) Acne with bulge is now flat in appearance in some areas, more on the left than the right. Co-workers who catch me hiding-out notices the sun-burning appearance and asks: "Were you out in the sun"?
7/29/08: A.M. Skin has lost that "red" luster and now appears brownish in nature. The peeling process is more evident and noticable.

Med-Cure; Houston Texas

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