Going Bigger and Fixing Bottoming out -Bloomfield Hills, MI

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I had 350 CC HP filled to 360 (L) and 375 (R)...

I had 350 CC HP filled to 360 (L) and 375 (R) implants last may. I immediately knew that they were going to be too small and was unhappy for a while. Then my left implant just kept dropping and now it looks kinda weird. So I am going to take the opportunity to get internal sutures and also go up in size. The size I am thinking will be Natrelle 465 HP filled to 505 cc saline. I wanted to go with silicone but its $2,000 extra :/ I don't want to finance this so I think I am just gonna do saline again because I want them done asap.

My pre-op size was 34a/ 32b VS. Now I am 32D VS. but I look like a B in clothes. I am hoping to be at least a 32DD VS.

I hope that with the size I have picked out doesn't ripple too much. I also hope that it will create more cleavage because now I feel like they are too far apart.

before and after

Silicone instead of Saline

I have decided that I am going to go with the silicone instead of saline and go with 500 CC High profile. It's more costly, but I just want to be happy and content with my boobs. YOLO lol. I have to save up a lot of money in a short time but I think it will be worth the cost.

They keep dropping :(

I am so annoyed they keep getting lower :( I wish I was getting them fixed sooner. I'm starting to wonder if 500 ccs will be too heavy???

I cant wait!

I am still trying to decide on 475 cc HP versus 500 cc HP silicone...

3 more days. I can't wait to get this over with!

I have decided on 500CC silicone HP. The 500 actually projects the same as 475 but is wider in diameter which is what I want. I cant wait to get this over with. I feel so self conscious about my boobs unless i have on a push up bra. In shirts you can see that one is way lower than the other. The rippling in my implants have gotten much worse which makes me think I have a leak. I can't wait to have silicone! Im hoping and praying that this will be my last breast surgery for at least until I need to get them redone in 10+ years. This has been very emotional for me. I also am wondering what recovery will be like with internal sutures and new implants?

I had my revision yesterday!

I finally had my revision. I got 500 cc hp silicone and am liking the size so far. It's a big difference in my opinion. The dr also did internal suturing on both breasts. I hope they turn out well! I have a fear that the sutures will fail so I am trying everything to make sure they won't. I will post pics soon

Post op

23 days post op

It's been over 3 weeks and the pain and swelling has gone down a lot. I still have a little under the right where the sutures were but it's getting better every day. I am wearing under wire bras 24/7 to make sure they stay up. But I want my right to come down a little! Has anyone ever had that happen after sutures? Overall I am so happy and they are a huge improvement. Silicone also seems way better than saline.

3 weeks


Finally took the tape off and the scars are much better! They are thinner and in the crease!


My left boob hurts :(. Had to lift a heavy suitcase and I may have used my chest muscles too much. I think they look ok though.

Everything is great

I haven't updated in a while because everything has been going well! Today I went running for the first time since my revision and I wore two sports bras and nothing moved lol. Tomorrow I have my fallow up appointment.

Still loving my boobs :)

It's been a year and 2 months since my revision to 500cc and I'm still loving them. I feel they look very natural for a large implant . I am a size 32dd. They are definately a big difference from 375cc saline. They feel and look so much more natural.
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