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I had acne scars and "craters" in my...

I had acne scars and "craters" in my skin from a bad break out as an adult (after being on Accutane) and the procedure went well. After the procedure, it burned for about 1 hour (felt like a sun burn) but that went away quickly.

For the next few days i washed my face 3 times a day but apparently i was not being aggressive enough because i still had a lot of dead skin still intact. I went into the office and they did a cleansing with the Aquanil. Felt much better and looked much better. I had pink skin like the skin from underneath a scab.

The only thing that worried me was that i had a little bit of a breakout. Little white pimples that formed on my chin and near my nose. The nurse said it was not unlikely because the Aquafor sometimes causes the pores to clog. I am at day 5 so hopefully those go away soon. I have a post-op visit tomorrow to examine everything.

I can see that my skin is so smooth and it looks great but the healing process was very difficult. In addition to the antibiotics, steroids, Allegra and ointments, they need to include Xanax or something for the anxiety of the process. To see your face that way is very hard. It was very difficult to imagine that it would heal but it definitely has.

Bloomfield Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

The staff was very helpful. I was even given a cell phone number to the nurse who helped me through the "washing process." The doctor was friendly and very professional.

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