27 Year Old Mother of 1, Much Needed Breast Lift Coming Soon

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Hi, I'm 27 years old and I have a 3 year old. I've...

Hi, I'm 27 years old and I have a 3 year old. I've had big boobs my whole life but after my daughter's birth they really started to sag. Today they are really bad and I'm just ready to get them lifted again! My surgery is exactly 1 month away and to say I'm nervous is an understatement. I've never had any surgery of any kind. I've never even has stitches except when I tore giving birth, so going under the knife is a completely new experience for me. I'm concerned abt the pain and I have no idea how my body reacts under anesthesia. But none the less I'm excited to finally be getting this done

Hoping for some encouraging words before surgery :)

Getting liposuction as well!

I've decided to have lipo of the flanks and abdominal area at the same time as my lift. Way more nervous about the recovery of the lipo and the results. Here are some before pictures...

One week until surgery!

Exactly 1 week until my surgery. I ordered my compression garment for after lipo. I'm still more nervous about the lipo than lift but I'm still going for it. The anesthesiologist from the hospital called and its getting real. I have my pre-op tomorrow so I will be making a list of last minute questions to ask my surgeon and will give a quick update tomorrow!

Today is the day!

I slept horrible last night, I know many ppl do. In a few hours I'll be all stitched up. Im still in shock today is the day and I've actually went through with this. Im trying to woman up and shake these nerves but I can't lol I'll take some pics when I get to the hospital

Made it to the other side

It's over I did it! I want to give a detailed description of everything that happened but I woke up in a lot of pain the lipo is no joke! Hurts way worse than the Boobs for sure. Surgery was over 4 hours! Glad the doc took his time and I'm hoping everything looks great. Haven't seen anything yet but ill probably take off this garment and have a peak tomorrow. Just wanted to let you guys know I made it and I'm so glad it's over :)

Before and after photos Day 1

I'm in love with the results!

Surgery story

I love to hear people's day of stories so here goes mine: I was scheduled for surgery at 1:30 and has to arrive at the hospital at noon. I couldn't eat past midnight and I took my last sip of water by 8 am. I saw a regular nurse first and age took my vitals. Then I saw my anesthesiologist and my surgeon. My biggest fear was waking up during surgery so I made sure to let them know I could not wake up! They both assured me that would not happen lol. My surgeon drew on me and we went over my expectation and the surgery again. The other operations were running a hour behind so my surgery got pushed back ugh. After all if the waiting I got some rest and calmed my nerves. Finally the nurse anesthetist came and gave me some pills to help me relax and started to wheel me into the OR. I moved from one bed to another smaller bed and I looked behind me and saw the anesthesiologist pushing fluids into my IV. Next thing I know I was waking up with the nurses putting on my compression garment and saying how pee they collected through my foley lol. They wheeled me into recovery room and I wasn't in too much pain but I was very sleepy. I kept wanting to fall back asleep and I asked for pain medication 3 times. I was pretty groggy but I remember most things. The first name for wasn't bad. I didn't get sick or throw up at all. But my throats was very sore and irritated! It bothered me more than the pain. I did wake up 4 hours into the bed for needing a perc and that was the worst I felt since surgery. The day after I've been doing so well. The pain is manageable and I've been walking a lot. Much better than I expected, overall happy and pleased with the results. Patiently waiting to heal.

Feeling great

Just five days after my surgery and I feel great. I stopped my pain meds yesterday and I just feel discomfort. I'm back driving and doing all things for myself. Still trying to take it easy. I am extremely swollen where the lipo was done but I expected it. I just want to say don't let the reviews scare you away from the procedure. The pain was bad for the first few days but manageable with pain meds. Just mentally prepare yourself for SURGERY because that's what your getting. It didn't feel like I got hit by a bus or my skin was being hacked my a saw none of those things but it did hurt and it will pass. Almost no pain in my breast that was easy breezy. I can't say the lipo was worth it yet because I haven't seen my final results but will keep you updated. Ps my surgeon is amazing

Progress at 3 weeks PO

Just wanted to Share a couple pics. Progress is slow and steady. Finally got the tape off which is a relief and now I'm ready to start scar treatment. My incisions are sore sometimes but not in any pain. Some discomfort from the compression garment when I sleep. Just ready to be back 100% but I'm being patient and very happy with my results

Just a few updated pics

These pics are about a week old. But I'm feeling and doing great. Not pleased with my scars but I know it will take time to fade. Otherwise Breast are perfect. Also ha some chest acne but it seems to be clearing up...
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