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Breast Lift with Implants

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13 Nov 2016

Updated, 4 months ago


From my very first consultation with Dr. Ocampo, I conceivably recognized that my life, as I knew it; could, would, and did take me on a most unforgettable journey. Today, four years later; having had various procedures brilliantly executed by Dr. Ocampo, alongside with diet and exercise; I could not possibly be more ecstatic. Dr. Ocampo's skillfulness, judicious advice, prudent direction, accurate perception, ingenuity, and talent; have single-handedly enabled me to have a body I would only fantasize about. The results of my recent breast mastopexy and neck lift are flawless. Three weeks post-op my scarring is minimal. My recovery time and healing time has been minor; and the outcome of the surgery is impressively stunning! THANK YOU!!!!!