Blepharoplasty + Face Lift = Great Face!

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I have had a great experience with blepharoplasty,...

I have had a great experience with blepharoplasty, because i combined it with a face lift. I had very puffy eyes and a lot of wrinkles around my face and eyes. The doctor  told me that the best results could be brought out by having a face lift as well as blepharoplasty and he was right. At first i got a face lift done and when i recovered completely from that, i went ahead with blepharoplasty. Face lift removed my wrinkles almost completely and after bleph, my puffy eyes were gone and people really had a hard time recognizing me as i looked almost a decade younger. The surgery was very painful, my eyes felt sticky, itchy after wards, i was under some strong medication for relief, slept with my head elevated, used cold compresses. The stitches were removed after a few days. The scars went away gradually although they did not show at all under make up. There is still a small mark but it does not show under make up at all.

Bleph was a good decision and even though the initial discomfort and pain were troublesome, i felt great later. My face lift and bleph game me a completely new look and i feel young !

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