Mixto CO2 Laser - Blacksburg, VA

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I just had the CO2 laser done yesterday for acne...

I just had the CO2 laser done yesterday for acne pigmentation and sun damage. I had the highest setting so I think i will be in for a long recovery. They did the topical ansthesia and my face numbed for an hour. I was very tense the entire time they did the laser. It hurt very bad on my upper lip, between my eyes and on the outer corners of my eyes even with the numbing cream that I was shaking. I felt extreme pain and discomfort for the next 3 hours after the session had finished. It was not bearable, I was crying from the pain and yelling out to God that is how much it hurt. The pain did stop after 3 hours, as I was told, then my face just throbbed for hours. You have to sleep propped up with your head above your heart to avoid further swelling. That was the first day. Today is my second day and I have serious swelling over my entire face, I have the track marks every one is talking about, crusting on my skin from the burnt skin weeping I guess. I have to ice for 20 minutes on and off during the day and also do a vinegar/cold water soak twice a day. My face has to stay slathered with vaseline to keep it from scabbing. I am still mostly brown and will most likey see the pink skin when the layer of brown burned skin peels. I can't wear makeup for a week, which is fine, I am mostly worried about the swelling and hope it goes down sooner rather than later. I can't say that I will ever voluntarily go through that again. It was extremely traumatic and I have a very high pain tolerance.

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