Really Missing my Boobs - Blacksburg, VA

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I really never thought I would ever want or need a...

I really never thought I would ever want or need a boob job. I developed early and was a full C by 7th grade. I'd always had awesome boobs, and loved having awesome boobs. However, after breastfeeding both of my babies (which of course I do not regret at all), they are no longer awesome. I'm at best a small B. My husband says that he thinks they are fine, but I'm having a really difficult time. I feel like part of my feminity and sex appeal is gone. I hate the feel of pushup bras and they are so deflated now that I hate even taking my shirt off with my husband, much less having them touched, which I feel is totally interfering with our intimacy.

So I am now all for getting a BA. However, there are a million obstacles in my way. Nothing that makes them completely preventable, just making the process a little slower. I want to make sure that I do this when the timing is best for me and my family. I have two adorable little babies that I pick up on all the time, and one who refuses to leave my side for any amount of time. I know that it will be possible, but mostly just hard on my heart having to be away from them and not carry them the a while. Plus, of course, there's finances, but we're saving.

My husband and family have been very supportive in this decision. I've been researching a couple of doctors and hope to make an appointment for a consultation sometime soon. I think that will at least answer a lot of questions and ease my mind. It's funny that I haven't even scheduled a consultation and yet I already feel anxious about having a BA. But it's become almost all I can think about. I love this site where so many other women share their stories and mostly their support for other women. So hopefully I'll have more to write on in the near future. I'd love to be able to post a surgery date in 2013. Fingers crossed.

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