46 Years Old, 5 Ft 3 ", 126 Pounds- Vaser Lipo to Inner, Outer & Front of Thighs - Birmingham, GB

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So, like many of you lovely ladies on here, I have...

So, like many of you lovely ladies on here, I have been an exercise junky for many years- In particular I love resistance training and pumping iron! I too,have also done crazy dieting in the past in pursuit of trying to attain 'the perfect body' ( it doesn't exist by the way!)...However, for me my hang up has always been having big legs, in particular my thighs- I always retain stubborn fatty deposits no matter what exercise and nutrition regime I engage in. These days I eat and workout sensibly -5 years ago I lost 20 pounds and I have managed to maintain this-( with the exception of a little gain at Xmas times, but It soon comes off again !) If my weight drops any lower than my set point - I start to look too gaunt , unwell and still have the stubborn thigh fat! ....Im fed up of feeling so self conscious & uncomfortable in clothes. I have a fantastic boyfriend who has been with me since I was heavier & he loves me whatever size , but he totally understands my frustrations & is supportive. So after much deliberation & research I am taking the plunge and am booked in for vaser lipo with Mrs Kat in Birmingham UK.I had consultations with two other Plastic Surgeons before deciding to go with Mrs.Kat. I'm super excited- but sure I'll be pooping my pants as my surgery date approaches- watch this space! ???? X p.s photos coming soon

Pre surgery pictures

As you can see from the photos- chunky ol thighs!

Getting prepared & excited !

Hi Ladies! So I had my final pre-op consultation with Mrs.Kat last week- I was able to ask any further questions that I had-It might sound a bit silly, but I was concerned that in my excitement to book in for my surgery, I had overlooked , that I would most likely be having my period on surgery day- ( yuk! poor planning on my part! ) ...she reassured me that this was OK and would be fine for surgery. I also asked how long I should wait before undergoing general anaesthetic again, as I will be having a surgical procedure carried out on my shoulder that I am keen to book in a.s.a.p with an orthopaedic surgeon.I was told that approx 4 weeks later would be fine, as I am in good health etc. My experience of Mrs. Kat & her Staff to date has been excellent- All information relating to my planned procedure has been clearly delivered through my consultations with Mrs. Kat & I have also been provided with an information pack including pre & post op requirements.All paperwork- consent forms & surgery agreement forms were sent through promptly. I have bought the recommended arnica ( for bruising) and have ordered a waterproof mattress cover & some disposable incontinence pads to cover the bed sheets, seats etc- ooh it's glamourous stuff! Lol! I have my pre op assessment at the hospital on Aug 18th & all being well surgery on Aug 21st - will update again then X

Surgery Day!

Hi everyone, So today is the day for my procedure. I arrived at the Hospital for 8.30 am with my boyfriend, who has come with me X I was checked in and shown to my room by a nice chap- Room is great - bed, bathroom, TV etc. Very comfortable. Shortly after this a lady came in to take my meal requirements for later on & tomorrow, as I have a one night stay. A very nice nurse then came in to take my blood pressure, temperature etc & to give me my lovely surgical socks and paper knickers. The anaesthetist came next & had a brief chat explaining how the general would be administered etc. Mrs. Kat then came in to see me & marked me up-She was lovely & explained where she would remove the fat again The procedure should take approx 2 hours and I'll have my surgery slot around midday. I'm feeling really relaxed about it all and excited that I am getting this done- I honestly thought that my nerves would be in tatters, but I feel incredibly calm! I have confidence that I am in good hands. I'll try to upload some pics now and report again when I'm able to! X

21/08/2015 Marked up ready- pre op

Surgery experience- 21/08/15

So at 11.30 am one of the theatre team came to collect me and walked me down to theatre. the theatre team were lovely & chatted away to me- all very calming & reassuring. I was just mega excited! Lol- I had the cannula put in the back of my hand for my GA to be administered and felt my arm going numb, then feeling whoopsy woo & that was it- The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery area at approx 3 pm.I had been put in my compression garment ( waist to knee length) and had dressings underneath in the relevant areas- I had been informed at my consultation that this would be done for me. By 3.30 pm I was back in my room watching TV and chatting with my boyfriend again.Nurse came in and hooked me up to a drip which contained electrolytes- I felt incredibly well- no nausea or sickness & minimal discomfort- (pain on scale of 1-10 =2).I ate tea around 6.30 pm- Chicken & veg, yoghurt, cup of tea- all good. The hilarious bit was trying to go for my first Pee.Nurse brought me a bed pan which I had to wiggle underneath & adjust garment so I wouldn't wee on myself- after all that I couldn't go! Later on I was able to walk to the loo myself and manage Ok- the compression garment is crotchless so it really helps! I drank loads of water- Got through the night ok up & down to loo about 5 times- nurses great came in and checked on me often & changed my bed pads & gown as needed. I had quite a bit of oozing of fluid from my dressings through the night- again all good as it needs to come out! ..

First day post op

I woke early & had nice cuppa and watched bit of TV- Mrs.Kat came to see me & check how I was doing -The nurse was there too.She gave instructions re: post op care / washing wounds/ dressings etc. I will see her again on Sept 1st & also have my first MLD massage then too. I forgot to ask how much fat had been removed- DOH!!! I will find out when I see her again.... So after that I had breakfast and then I was able to have a shower. It was the moment of truth, my first look at my legs- WOWZERS!! Already I can see my outer thighs are more streamlined- I'm really swollen everywhere, as expected but I can definitely see my contours have changed- (I couldn't manage to take a pic at the time but will post pics again as soon as I can). so after I dried myself off the nurse came and redressed my incisions- I have x3 at the top crease of each leg ( knicker line), x2 on each outer thigh, x2 on each inner thigh & x2 on each front of thigh. I was then able to put on my other new compression garment , with the nurses help- I felt great after that all refreshed! (I have been given painkillers & antibiotics too which I am taking as & when required).My boyfriend arrived just as the nurse had finished helping me, and I was ready to be discharged about 30 mins later, armed with all my medications, dressings, pads ,info for aftercare & hospital number to ring if I'm unsure about anything- So I am now taking it easy at home with my legs up and drinking loads of fluids still-super star boyfriend is taking great care of me, bit sleepy now so will sign off for now x

23/08/2015- second day post lipo to front, inner & outer thighs

24/08/15- Day 3 post lipo

So this morning I carried out my daily routine of removing my Compression garment & removing soiled dressings. I then showered with Luke warm water only & gently patted myself dry. I put on sterile gloves &dabbed my incision sites with the antiseptic liquid that I was given at the hospital and applied clean dressings as necessary. There is a lot less drainage now of fluid. I then put on my other clean compression garment. As expected,my legs are still swollen & feel tender/ numb in places- I can see that my contours have changed and I am anticipating a lovely result once all the swelling subsides and things settle over the forthcoming weeks....fingers crossed! I am more 'mobile' today and padding around the house.The soreness does indeed feel like the after effects of a heavy leg work out at the gym, but its not unbearable- it just takes a little longer to manoeuvre from sitting to standing etc. I still have to hover over the loo though as sitting on loo seat is a bit too painful! (I obviously didn't get the padded loo seat ). ...I have minimal bruising at the moment on the back of my thighs- I've been taking arnica so I'm sure this is helping with the bruising- watch this space : ) X

25/08/15- Four days post lipo

I took these pics this morning after removing CG for dressing changes ( I have x12 incision sites). I should point out that I have a significant amount of muscle on the front of my thighs, from working out- but there is still obviously a lot of swelling too! X

04/09/2015- 2 weeks post lipo

Hi All, thought I'd update on how it's all going- So I had my post op wound check & MLD massage 1 week post lipo at Mrs. Kats clinic- All good! My healing is coming along well. I was worried that the massage might be painful due to swelling / tender spots, but it was lovely! I will see Mrs. Kat in 3 months time for another check up. I also received my 'before' pics that were taken at initial consultation. I am now 2 weeks post lipo and feel less 'tender '& swollen by the day & although it's still early days in seeing my final results I can see positive changes ! ...I went back to work 12 days post op & felt fine. I would've been fine if I'd gone back approx 8 days post op though. I've been to the gym twice since procedure but only done upper body weights- no cardio. I've been quite OK walking around out & about from 1 week post procedure. I've posted some pics so you can see the results so far! X

1 month post lipo to front, inner & outer thighs

Hi All! thought I'd update with some pics- I have included the pics that my PS took on June 30 2015 at my pre op consultation so that you can see how my legs look now in comparison- I go back to see my PS in November for my 3 month check up- I want to discuss the possibility of doing my hips/ tummy next!

3 Month Review

Hi All,
Not updated in a while- I had a shoulder surgery ( rotator cuff) procedure 5 weeks post lipo, for a sports injury & have moved house, also having Physio- so it's all been a bit hectic!..I saw my PS today , (Mrs. Kat ),for my 3 month post lipo check up- We discussed my results so far-I must say that I am very happy overall with my results, although I do have a small indent on my right outer thigh & a little 'waviness' at present going on-( this may well settle over time).As I am also keen to address my hips/ abdomen area for additional contouring, any revisions that need to be addressed with regard to my thighs my PS said can be carried out at the same time- (A little fat graft to the indent from my tummy fat !) I also found out that a total of 2010 cc had been aspirated ( fat & fluid) from both thighs- ( outer, inner & front). I also purchased some products containing vitamin A, C & E to massage into my legs to benefit / improve appearance of my skin & little scars. I have managed to maintain my weight - on the day of my surgery I was 128 pounds , I am now 124 pounds - I have had to modify my exercise routine due to my shoulder injury/ recovery , so have been doing regular brisk walks, jogging & spinning- still not allowed to lift weights yet & upper body weight exercises still off limits too ....can't wait til I'm able to do them again! ... So with Christmas fast approaching now, I will book an appointment in the New Year to discuss/ assess my further treatment options & then hope to get a slot around Easter time , as this is when I can next take time out from work. Hope everyone is keeping well- I have posted some new pics XX

3 months post lipo

5 months post lipo

Hi there,
I went for a consultation yesterday with my PS as I am planning on having a tummy tuck with her too ( date tbc as yet). I have started a new review on real self to document my tummy tuck journey as it unfolds....Back to the lipo I am still really pleased with my results. The little revision that's needed is a fat transfer to an indent at top of my right ( lateral) thigh - This will be carried out at the time of my tummy tuck- here's a picture I took today ( pre fat transfer)

5 months post lipo

2 years post lipo to thighs

So nearly 2 years have past since my lipo- Still have no regrets at having it done. I do have some loose skin and cellulite, but the cellulite was there prior to my procedure- My skin elasticity is not great & I have lost a little more weight - I hover around 120 Ibs now so a loss of 6 Ibs due to nutrition / exercise regime- not the surgery itself! I also had a TT in 2016. In August 2017 I will be having a butt lift ( have started a seperate review for this).Photos in that review show loose skin around my hips/ lateral thigh. The butt lift will incorporate lifting of my lateral thigh with a bit more lipo- the skin will be excised so make things a little tighter. The pics shown here were taken in December 2016.X

Thigh lipo 2 years post

2 yrs post thigh lipo

More pics! X
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I found Mrs.Kat to be very professional and I was very comfortable discussing my proposed procedure with her. I felt that Mrs. Kat gave me an honest & realistic view of the results that could be achieved & I believe that these were realistically aligned to what I anticipated. Everything was clearly explained & any questions that I had were answered at my consultations- I actually met with her 3 times before my op! Mrs .Kat is understandably a very busy lady so although I saw her a few times our meetings were quite brief (that's the only reason I gave 4 stars). Overall rating is 4 as is still ongoing- All paperwork was sent through promptly & I was able to book my procedure in at the date I had planned for -which might have been luck, but was great none the less.I also found Mrs.Kats Clinic Staff & Theatre Team to be very polite, courteous & professional too-I had Natasha for my MLD massage at Mrs.Kats Clinic & she was lovely.At the time of writing this I am nearly 4 months post op- ( other reason I only given 4 stars so far) . I also have not had cause so far to phone or email the office other than to make appointments or ask a couple of questions, but my calls were always taken & dealt with well. I will be requiring a little revision / touch up on one leg but I am not overly concerned about this as overall the contours of my legs are soooo much better & I feel that I am in very good hands/ Thank you!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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