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For years I have wanted rhinoplasty and this year...

For years I have wanted rhinoplasty and this year I finally decided to go ahead. I listened to peoples recommendations and eventually went for a consultation with a surgeon, got a good feeling about him so went ahead and booked in. With a few hiccups along the way (op was postponed due to me having a cold) I've finally had it done and I'm writing this three days after my op.

Day 1

Not in as much pain as I thought! The op only took around three hours and I was up and about in no time. I woke up a few times during surgery but didn't feel any pain or panic. I was asked if I remembered what I was dreaming about when I woke up as I mentioned a big dog in the operating room a few times while I was under, haha! I have been given antibiotics, codine and paracetamol. Have had to change the gauze under my nose a few times but there doesn't seem to be much blood.

Day 4

Today has been the worst, feel really stuffy and like I want to blow my nose. I'm bored and the cast itches, can't wait to get this thing off! I can see a little difference in the tip but I guess I won't be able to tell anything till the cast come off ;( have some lovely bruising!

More before pics

Cast off :D

My cast came loose yesterday the the point where it was hanging from a thread! I panicked and called the hospital unsure of what to do and they said not to worry as a day wouldn't make a difference. Felt so good to have a shower and now I can't wait till it's healed enough to give it a bit of a scrub! Initially it looked a lot smaller but it's gradually swollen more, especially on the bridge and tip, so it looks pretty similar to how it was before I had the op. Now it's just the waiting game until the swelling goes down :)

Week two and I can see a difference :)

The nurse said I had swelled quite a bit when I went for my 7 day check up, so I hadn't really studied my nose much, but took a few pics tonight and feel confident that the shape is heading in the right direction :)

Swelling gone, so pleased :)

So I think most of the swelling has gone now, I'm really pleased with my nose and glad I went through with the procedure :)
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