Botox for the Vertical Line Between my Eyes on my Forehead - Birmingham, UK

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I had botox for the vertical line between my eyes...

i had botox for the vertical line between my eyes on my forehead.

I have hyperthyroidism, but actually my left eye has widened recently and I dont know whether this is a symptom of the thyroid problem or whether botox is causing it. My right eye seems normal in that the lid is at the usual height.

well, the botox tratment initially seemed to have some impact on the line, but further treatment made little difference. I felt more relaxed after the treatment though and it seemed to help my headache problems as well as made me look less fraught.

Does anyone have any views as to the cause of my eye symptoms and whether it is more likely to be botox related than thyroid related? I have been on anti-thyroid drugs for about a year but only recently, after botox in fact, has this problem occurred with my eyes being dissimilar in appearance. is this caused by botox or hyperthyroidism?

There was no date for my post, so my comments...

There was no date for my post, so my comments today will not be as useful perhaps as they might have been.
It is clear though that botox did not have anything to do with the proptosis. Of course, the proptosis was the result of inflammation behind the eyeball which pushes the eyeball forward, giving the appearance of an eyelid that is retracted. In fact the retraction is because the lid is challenged to cover the top of the eye. My condition has improved slightly in appearance. Botox had nothing to do with the eye's appearance.

A doctor here could surely have answered this question a year ago, or so????!!!!! What is the point of this site, if questions people ask, with such obvious answers, are not answered by the doctors who know????

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