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I am very nervous but am glad to finally be doing...

I am very nervous but am glad to finally be doing this. I have wanted to do this forever but always felt I had to be at my goal weight. Well, I just turned 48 and it is not going to happen, the goal weight that is. I haven't changed my weight in over 6 yrs. so I decide to check it out. Dr Ellen said she could do it and that she felt I would have great results. I was so embarrassed just to stand in front of them to review my chub, lol. I weight 206.3 and am 5.6. I will add pictures of before but it is embarrassing. I just hope by sharing it will help others. I love this site and its support. I will post more as I go, but my surgery is June 20th and am getting a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. No lipo though.. My pre opt appt is this Friday. More to come...

Before pics

So embarrassing. Tomorrow is my pre op appt! So excited. I have a lot of questions written down. My mom is coming with me but not sure if she will go with me in the room. Very nervous and can't believe this is really happening. It helps to read everyone else's experiences. I will update after appt tomorrow

It is so real now!

Went to my pre op appt this morning. I'm really scattered and distracted all day. My list is small to get before survey. The PA told me to stop taking b12 that also includes folic acid and b6, probiotic and digestive enzymes ( I think she didn't know what they were). I'm getting a pain pump too didn't know about that lol. Bonus! Signed a bunch of paper work and took some before pics. I was a little bummed when my letter for work said plastic surgery right under drs name. I really wanted privacy for work. Oh well. It didn't say what type of Surgery im having. I have now paid the dr in full and will pay the final part at the clinic the morning of. They didn't say anything about shaving like I've seen on here. Crazy but now I'm nervous.......! Going to movie. Could really use a glass of wine lol

I week to go!

Only one week away now. Getting excited and nervous. My one friend is probably tired of hearing me talk about it. So grateful for this site. Sometimes I panic about keeping everything up after. I know I will, but still nervous and excited. I think I will be using the chase lounge in the living room to sleep in for the first few days because my bed is really high and super soft. So I think this will be easier to get in and out of. My mom will be there to help and my hubby is always a great help. My problem is I hate to ask for help. Very independent. I am hoping to go back to work in 20 days. Hopefully it's not too soon. I get butterflies when I think it's just next week. Can't believe it's really going to happen and that I am choosing this pain. Lol.

Almost here!!!!!

I am getting really nervous and excited. I love reading all of the results and seeing all of the pictures of before and after and just wonder will that be me? Will I look like that? Will it be worth it? I know it will. Just getting the jitters. I have all of my family set up to help and my mom is a vegan and is going to be my chief for the time I have off. We are going to use this time to re-educate myself on healthy living food with a positive mindset. I am really afraid of keeping the look after. I met someone that had a tt 10 yrs ago and she's gained weight but said she just stopped working out. She also said it comes back in different places. My hubby told me last night he can't wait to see me in a He needs a reality check. I don't think that will ever happen. I just can't wait to have no belly. It is only two more work days away!!!!.

Better before pics

I thought I would change my before pics because my undies looked like skin. Plus at dr office they did an angled pic. I thought these would be better. Lol to compare to the afters! Can't wait. Only 2 days!!!' Awwww

Tomorrow is almost here!

OMG! tomorrow morning is the big event 7 AM! I am getting so excited and nervous. Sometimes when I think about it I can hardly breath. I was thinking of doing a liquid diet today but no a salad sounds good for lunch. I don't know if I am really ready for this but it is happening. Yesterday I almost bought a pair of pants for my new figure a half size smaller and then thought better of it. Who know what size I will be. Also, I am glad I kept this confidential at work because someone told me that if they have to use disability (extended time off) it wouldn't be covered because it is an elective procedure. I even used white out on the Dr's letter covering the plastic & reconstructive surgery that was right under the Dr's name on the letter head, so the HR wouldn't know what kind of Doctor, I copied it so you couldn't tell it was whited out. She accepted it, never knew any different. Hippa regs. to privacy I was just ensuring my privacy as to the type of surgery. So I am glad no one knows that way if I need to take it I can. I am hoping to only have to use my time off I already have scheduled, which would mean I would go back to work on day 20 of PO. I might decide to take the remaining 4 days of the week as disability so I could go back on day 26 of PO. I know I am rattling but my brain is going that way today all over the place very hard to focus. I am ready to be on the flat side! I No really it will be worth it. At least that is what everyone says. I will post tomorrow after. breath...breath...breath

A few more things...

Tomorrow morning is my tt. I have to be there at 6 am so we are leaving at 5:15 am. They said I need to shower the night before and the morning of with antibactieria soap (which I have already been using). The no lotion thing is going to be an issue for me because my skin is very dry and I can't stand the feeling of itchy dry skin. But that will be temporary. Also I was thinking of wearing my PJ's because they kinda look like a loose shirt and pants, which they said to wear. I am really getting excited. I will be like most of you by tomorrow, on the flat side recooping. Yay! I'm not getting much done at work today, lol. Also it our wedding anniversary today. Do you think we can have sx tonight? with surgery in the am? I planning on it because it will be a long time until the next time.....wink wink


It all went well I'm resting now. I'll post more later

Hard to take a deep breath

Sometimes it really tough to take a deep breath. Not liking that but it helps when i stand up. I haven't eatn much more than some crackers. Just not to hungry. Drinking tons of water tho. I wore my pjs there, really helped. Also they took about 5 lbs 0f skin and ended up doing some lipo hips about 300cc. I will post pict tomorrow. I have a pain pump thankfully! That will empty in 72 hrs, on Percocet and tap/block thing befor surgery that last 15 hrs. I ve been sleeping off and on. I love the chaselounge chair. I put a pillow under my legs and have one behind myback to burp and to take deep breaths. I also have an airplane neck pillow, awesome!!!! Need to sleep. Tough to type brains not quite right. I have to reread alot.

Day 2 feeling better

Today is much better. Ruff evening I got sick and thru up, wow did that hurt. After that I felt alot better. Stomach wise. I would say the first day was not so great but it is true each day is better. Very very sore and taking the pain meds every 6 hours. I can really tell when they are wearing off. I thought I had high tolerance to pain. Lol finding out not so much although this is quite different than any other pain I've had. I can get up and back down from the chase lounge now by myself thanks to a heavy table next to it. I use it to hang on to. Legs squats are the best to get up n down with. It will be worth it I know. Kinda reserved about seeing it. The ps said it could take the binder off and shower if I wanted. NOT! I feel like it will pop out. I will wait. Lol. Daughters here to visit write more later

After pics with binder

Here are the after pics with all of the gauze and everything. You can see the pump for pain hanging in the bag. Only one drain. I'm afraid to take the binder off so I'm going to wait. Maybe tomorrow

Amazing what a difference a day makes!

I woke up today and feel so much better. Kinda emotional though. Only when I'm left alone. I sent my hubby to get some wife beater shirts to use when I put the binder back on after a shower. Maybe tomorrow. It's not like I'm getting dirty laying here lol. I kow it will feel better tho. When I sit down the binder rolls up some on the sides kinda worried something's going to show that shouldn't. Like the incision on my hips. Not much I can do about it. Everyone have a great day, and happy healing.

Time to change my sleeping arrangements

Well I've been loving my chaise loung but after last night there are some things that need to change. My neck is sore turning left because everyone sits on that side, actually everything is that direction. Lol today I started to get out and in on the right side so I can use some different muscles. And we have turned the chair as much as we can so I won't be so angled and I won't have to turn so far left to see things. Going to try to sleep in my reg bed tonight but my only concern is getting my legs in without help. We'll see what happens. Last night I sat at the table to eat. Kinda nice and i walked some laps up and down the hall. Trying to get the intestines moving still havent gone yet. Last night was also an emotional night too. My mom bless her heart hugged me said it will be ok. My hubby didn't understand my tears. It just comes. On to other things he's been sleeping on the couch next to me because he wanted to be close. He's a great man. Oh I don't know if I told you all but sun dresses or swim suit cover us dresses work great! Then you go commando, when you sit down in my chaise (has sheets on it) I lift it up and get in. So nothing gets twisted or caught up. You look cute during the day too the dress covers everything. I'm going to put the wife better under them after my shower. Just thought I'd share because dealing with undies or pants would be a pain. Literally. I am hoping to take pics today when I take the binder off for shower. I'll post them when I do. Everyone have a great day. Each day gets better, praise God!


Ok I have to share some TMI so shut your eyes or go somewhere else .......ok here it comes I just did the big job! Yes I said it. My first BM? Life is good. I was worried about the plumbing. Always a big deal after surgery and perciset can really make you constipated but I've been eat very healthy and taking stool softners two each morning and three this morning. I've also been taking advantage of not being to hungry and eating like half or a third of what I used to but super healthy. Hoping to loose a few after sitting here all the time If you think about it i don't think I need to eat to much I'm not doing much to burn calories. I had alot of reserve to spare before surgery. He he he. Ok, I'm done with the TMI. Happy healing.

Lunch anyone?

Here my healthy food. Mock runs made out of chick peas, onion celery relish n mustard and vegionaseor manase. On lettuce quinoa salad few rasberries and apricot. I will eat half I just didn't cut it. My mom made all the tuna stuff an salad yesterday so I could do it myself today I'm alone until late after noon. So tired I didn't want to get back up to get more water. Not sure what's gonna happen there. Lol ill have to nurse the little I have till I can get up again. Ok gotta eat now. Just wanted to show how good it looks.

The shower experience.

I finally took a shower I waited about 30 min after pain med. we rigged a stool to sit on earlier in the day. See picture pretty cool. I still have my pain pump and 1 drain so I used a hose the center gave me to tie them in place. So I sat on the stool and used the shower hose thingy and man it was wonderful. I was able to wash my hair. My mom washed my back, feet and lower legs. While drying off I got really lite headed and had find a safe place to possible lay. I'm sure it looked funny a stopped over necked lady with cords hanging hobbling around to a cooler place. The chaise was to far so i sat on my bed but couldn't lay down cause no pillows to prop all on chaise which was in the living room. Well We finally got some lotion on a wife beater shirt and then the binder. That will never be as tight as initially. But it's snug. I have pics of the after. The funny thing isn't belly has a crease from being so tight. I do love my new tummy so now I can finally say its worth it. After pics coming

After pics late in the day

I think there's some swelling but I'm very happy with my tummy

What a morning!

To update everyone my hubby came home from work last night and I showed him my after pics and I could see he was kinda disappointed by the crease above the belly button and it wasn't flat. He didn't say that all at once but after talking about it I asked him about the shock look on his face. He wasn't mean about it but he hasn't been on this site seeing all the picture and swelling. I told him the crease is because the binders so tight and the rest is swelling that will go away in time. I told him I was happy with the surgery. This morning I thought when I took off the binder some swelling would be down but not really so just trying to not think about it and remain positive, so glad I didn't tell many people, just for this reason.

Last night was the first night in my bed and I had a tough time sleeping. Just a new location, binders so uncomfortable and itchy and really wanted to be on my side. Can't go on right side because of drain but might try my left side later today to see how it works. I was kinda afraid to roll out of bed lol because the left side is the edge of the bed. The good thing with being in my bed is I am laying more flat and I think you can stretch yourself out slowly which will help to stand up straight, right?

Last issue this morning was after waking and eating I took the usual 3 stool softners and later this morning became so uncomfortable I did get up and have a BM but 20 min after that on I was in the bathroom for what felt like an hr from hell with tummy pain, cramps, ach, and diariah. I know tmi but I think it's time to slow the stool softners going back to just one. It was awful, I mean really awful! I forgot to take my phone and have been by myself all morning. No one until noon. The not taking the ph is bad if your alone just Incase something bad happened, like falling off the Oh and my last pain med was at 10 pm from the night before so it really hurt. Ok, enough whining, after that I got more water and went to bed and took a nap. Feeling better now just emotional. I don't remember what day this is but I now it will get better. Someone said yesterday I was soo positive but this just goes to show we all have our days.....I will survive. (singing)

Dr appt today

It's hard to believe its been 6 days already. Last night was a difficult night for sleep. I couldn't get comfortable. About 3 am I moved to the living room chaise. Better but still uncomfortable. I am a person who's always warmer than most so In this binder I'm always over hot. Sometime it feels like hot flashes. If I had those. Enough on that. I go for my week follow up today at 11. Kinda reserved about getting drain out. I want it out but not if I'm going to swell up lol. There hasn't been much yesterday it was only 25cc all day. This morning hardly nothing. So we ll see. It will be nice to have this hole healed up. Kinda grose if u think about it.

I have still only worn dresses, my incision is so low, like where my legs crease just above. Which is great but with the drain really low there's no undies I can get to stay on except a thong and that's not happening. Lol so today I will wear a maxi dress right over my wife beater. Works great being commando. Especially since I can't wear them right now. I tried to put shorts, you can't pull them up. It's ok I like the dresses. I feel like I'm rambling. I will update more later. Hoping to released to go up to a lake house for the rest of my time off to recoup there. It's not fancy like it sounds. It will be kinda like camping. Just relaxing. Happy healing everyone.


Well the nurse took my drain out. I asked if it would hurt. She said it would feel like a pinch or like pulling a tampon out. She counted to 3 and it was out. Felt like a tampon, no pain. There us such freedom now. You can wear shorts or even undies! What a thought. Lol. I asked about the binder having to cover my incision she said no its for the muscle and helps with swelling. That is good because my incision is really low. They replaced the tape in my incision and gauze over drain opening. Told me to not worry about it it will heal right up. She said everything looked good healing great. I can drive when I'm no longer taking pain meds. Continue walking and drinking water. They took some stitches out of my belly button will remove the rest on Monday. We are headed to lake house in a few hrs.

I must say everyone says you have to listen to ur body and you'll know. It's true after the dr, a veggies sub rested 20 min. Mom helped me pack. It was time to lay down rest, nap or whatever came. You can feel it. It is just important to not push it. Thankfully I don't have little kids because it would be harder to stop and rest.

Bye for now

6day picture

Here's a picture I took at the drs office before getting dressed. She said the crease down the middle is due to swelling and would go away. She said most if the swelling takes a couple months. You really see how low the incision is and my drain was on the right. I like it so far. Afraid to get to excited. But I'm very happy.

One week!

I can't believe it's been only a week or I should say yah a week already. Last night was tough getting comfortable. This binder thing just really cuts me by me hips. I am tempted to cut 4 " off the back. The part that rolls up. But I won't. I think I am standing straight now. Each night when i lay down it stretches me out. Good thing. Each day is better truly.

Each day gets better

It is so true when they say each day is better. It truly does. I have to go get the remaining stitches out if my bb in the morning so I came home today from the lake. It is hard not to want to clean everything up and out away things.y hubby has been so good at helping and so complimentary to me. It's fun. I'm finally washing my binder and I feel Ike I'm going to explode. Ok we'll not explode. Just afraid to let things be open. So I have a pillow over and holding it down. Kinda funny. It will be nice to be normal again. I hope everyone has a great week. Happy healing.

Just Venting

Today's the day after the fourth. Didn't eat too healthy yesterday. My cook (mother) is gone now. I seem to be feeling pretty good but tire out quickly. The heat is what kills me. I am hot blooded so with a binder and t shirt under it. I just get to hot outside. Staying in a lot today kinda stir crazy. Just want to go for a long walk. I wanna look good in a tight shirt. Lol. I still have the crease going down the middle and a round center. The ps says its just swelling but someone asked me how I liked my new tummy and I said I don't know. I can't really say cause I haven't seen it more than 5 min with out a binder. My positive ness is on the floor right now I just need to vent in a safe place. Thanks all. I go back to work Tuesday. I also have a dr apt in the morning on the same Tuesday. I know it will be great in the long run. Bye for now.

A better day

Yesterday I bought a waist shaper from maiden form. Wow I am wearing it today instead of my binder. It is so much cooler but holds it all in like the binder. You step into it and pull it up in place. It works great. It was 27 $ at the outlet great deal. Today is a lot better then yesterday. Happy healing all.

New pics

Each time I look at my tummy I like it better. My crease is getting better too.

Back to work tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first day back. I am planning on half days for my first week back and then full time next week. Kinda nervous about the hole deal. Swelling, tired and looking normal. It will all be great and will be good to get back to a routine. I have my dr apt tomorrow morning before I go in to work. I do have some questions about when to move to spanx. Part of me would love to not wear the binder at night. Sleeping might be better but it's such a security thing. And sex? When is that ok to do again. Just wondering. Lol.

First day back to work & 3 wk dr apt

I had my 3 wk apt today. Everything looks great. Healing well, belly button split a little but she said it should heal fine. I never noticed cant see in there. Lol. She also said I don't have to wear my binder unless I want to. I can wear spanx or other suports. She said to start by sleeping without it. I'm going to try it tonight. She also said to listen to your body and you'll know. My first day back was very emotional for me. I was glad it was only a half day! I'm doing half days this wk and back to full time next week. I was really tired when I got home. Took an hr nap. My nerves are waking up in my tummy because there is a lot of shooting pains. My ps said its just reconnecting and normal. I asked about walking more and how much is ok. She said try walking a little more each time. I also asked about sec and sex is ok if I feel ok. She also told me in six wks I'll be completely clear to do anything. Enough for now.

Exhausted !!

OMG I'm sooooo tired. Today was my second day back to work, just a half day. I met my daughter for lunch and then home for a nap. Got up made dinner and then went and got groceries. At the store it was a slow process and I wanted to ask someone to empty my cart onto the belt and load the car but didn't. Not sure if I was willing to flash them my binder to prove I did have surgery. Lol. I drive home and then carried up the cold stuff put them away and left the rest in the car. I told my hubby I was going to bed he'd have to carry them up snd put them all away. I'm almost in tears I'm so tired. It will be nice when I get my energy back. I don't know how everyone with little kids do it. Although you are younger, but still. Night night.....

Work!!!! Ugh

My work has been so frustrating with my time off. The story is to long to tell but I would just say remember there is more to life than your job. I still have one but have to write a letter to fight to be paid for this weeks half days. So I am refusing to focus on the negative it will all work out and it's not the end of the world. Because my day was so crappy at work I treated myself to a pedicure. That felt wonderful and now resting. I wore spanx today and it felt great. I feel like I could go without a binder. So much cooler. My ps said I didn't have to wear a cg so we ll see how brave I get. I do use a pillow under my seatbelt though. Each day gets better.

Beautiful start to a day

Things ate a lot better today! I woke up feeling great, like old times. Things at work are going to all work out. Plus we came up to our little lake house this weekend and I got up super early and am sitting outside. It is so peaceful at 6 am. Posting a pick for you all. I also am really starting to love my new tummy. I've been going without a cg or binder at night and a little in the day. Loving that. It does feel more secure with it on during the day but at night it is awesome to let it breath. I haven't notice any more swelling with it off. Although I have really been watching my sodium and drinking a lot if water. Also yesterday I got some budda butter to rub on my belly and arnica cream and pills from better health food store to take as well as the turmeric. I don't think my swelling has been that bad. I just notice a lot of pressure when I walk. I just wanted to post this update and say happy healing, it truly gets better each day.

Back to work advice

Today was my first full day back to work. I did ok but made a point to find a place to lay down for lunch just a half hour but worth it. Walking every couple hours or sooner is good too so you don't get to stiff. These are a few things that made it easier for me. I also drank a lot if water and had a couple healthy snacks so I wouldn't go to the vending machine. Lol. I was still swollen by the time I got home. Not too bad though. My hubby took care if dinner and now I'm laying flat resting. It was a good day.

Updated pics really no change

Almost a month po. I thought I post pics but really no difference. Today I am not wearing my cg to work and haven't worn one at night since my last dr apt. It's just sooo hot to wear one do I thought is try it today. I did bring it just in case. I still feel really tight when walking and still have sparks of pain here and there. My bb looks so much better and almost completely healed up. I really wish I could go swimming. Soon soon. Happy healing all my sister tt

Over a month PO now!

Time really seems to fly by. Today I wore a more fitted shirt to work and several people commented that I look like I've lost some weight. I told them I had since my surgery (they knew I had surgery but not what type). I did feel good for some people to notice and I do think I have to get rid of my old fat thinking. I still find time to rest here at work to lay down just for a few minutes each day helps. I usually get tired by afternoon. Also when I get home I do the usual stuff like dinner, laundry and misc but remove my cg and lay flat on my bed in between chores. lol It helps. I notice the swelling more that anyone else does, it just feels tight and round but the funny thing is when I look in the mirror it doesn't look as round as I feel. I have noticed some shooting pains in my tummy today which I am assuming is somemore awakenings of nerves. I am going to go for a walk tonight when I get home it is so cool outside and I have felt great the last few days. I would post a photo but they don't really look any different. I go see my PS next week Tuesday for my 6 wk appt and she said at that time I will be clear to do anything. I am really wanting to go swimming, bike riding and zumba. I've just been walking and it is not like next week I will be super women and suddenly be able to do all those things but I will try!

New pictures'

I went for my walk tonight over a mile n 1/2, so happy. It felt good but very tight. Anyway I put on my yoga pants and tighter t shirt fir my walk and my hubby loved it. I truly think I can get used to this new body. How we see ourselves is not how others see us. So I took some pics to show it. Also after the walk and work day to show the swelling but what looks like. I don't think it looks that bad but it sure feels bad. It's defiantly better than the old tummy. Happy healing all.

Update after 6 wk dr apt

I saw my dr today for my 6 wk apt. Even tho I'm not 6 wks until Friday. But she said everything looked great. I asked about scar cream and she said I didn't need it. It was only for bumpy scars that aren't healing good and mine is flat. Yeah! I asked about massaging it she said yes to do that. I also asked about where my drain was on the right side it pooches a little she said it could be a small dog ear but to massage it and it should go flat. I am now clear to do anything except swim in a lake because they pulled out an ingrown hair from the scar so once that little little hole heals then I can. I asked about swelling in center. She said that's common and the more you do the more you swell and that will happen up to six mths to a year. Nothing you can do about it. I am on day two of no cg too. Feels great! I can't wait to try to bike, kayak walk and Zumba. She did say they might hurt a little but just to listen to my body and I can't hurt anything. Woohoo! Happy healing tt sisters

In training for race in Sept

Last week I started my training for walking a 8 mile race. I was planning on run/walking it before my tt but not now. I just don't want to do anything to quickly. I have been on a training schedule to walk. Last week Sat I did my 4 mile walk and it went great! I feel great too. My pace is picking back up too. So happy. I really don't notice that much difference in the swelling either. I am usually very tired though. Tonight I need to walk an hour. Hoping for another 4 miler if I walk a good pace. We'll see. To update you on my progress nothing has really changed except I don't seem as numb in the tummy in certain spots. Weird. I keep putting budha butter on scar and tummy. Still taking tumeric 3 times a day and drinking lots and lots of water. I have noticed it is tricky to keep the eating in control but using an app to help that called myfitnesspal and runkeeper for exersize. Really helps. I would post pic's but no real difference in looks. I stil haven't swam yet. I really want to though. Just no oportunity except for a lake and I can't swim there yet because of a few small, very small, areas on scar. Sometimes I feel like I cheated the system by doing this tt, because I love my new flat tummy and my friends are still struggling. I will just have to get over it. lol.

Happy healing, tt sisters!

Little hole appeared.

I'm 7 wks po and tonight I noticed I had a tiny hole in my incision. Little freaked. It was like a bump a couple days ago so I thought it was an ingrown hair. It popped kinda Ozzie but now a hole. I posted a question so I will see what they say. If I should go to see ps Monday. I cleaned it and put some gauze with tape on it. I'm sure I'm over reacting but it is a little freaky.

Heal up already

Just an update the hole is all healed up from what I can see. It is hard to see over the swell hell lol. It just part of the process. I walked 4 miles today an the two days before I walked all day at a festival. Milford memories was a blast. Even with the swelling I love my new tummy. I have been massaging my tummy and scar it feels great. Sometime my scar is itchy. Healing up I'm sure. By Christmas time I should see final results I hope that would be six months. Here's hoping.

Feeling swollen!

Ok this week has started tough. I seem to really be swelling above the belly button. Ugh! I know it will get better. But I do get tired of feeling like there's are bricks on my stomach. And pain everytime I sneeze or cough. This surgery recovery is taking a long time for me. I think I'm just really tired today. Just venting. Plus I haven't exersized in two days, I always feel better mentally after that. To late now. Walking tomorrow for sure. Another thing you must stay strong with your eating right. I have been slipping back to my old ways. I don't want to gain anything back.

Was it worth it you might ask? YES it was. Thanks for letting me vent.

Bumps on one side of belly button

I forgot to see if any of you have some bumps one your bb. I do just in one side and up above my bb a larger bump. They don't itch but maybe they do? I'm numb so would I feel it? Any way tell me what you think.

Not to much has changed

I don't know how many weeks PO now and don't feel like counting. Lol. I've been training for my race which is in two weeks now. I am looking forward to seeing mackinaw island. The eight miles around will just be beautiful. My goal is to walk it under two hours. My bumps on my bb seemed to be gone now. But my bb seems to be weird shaped now which I think is because of the swelling on one side. Some times I think I have a bubble on my left side of my bb area about 4" long and an inch wide. It seems to go down each morning so I'm not to worried about it. It can wait until my appt in sept. I also have alot os red areas on my scar. I've kinda stopped the message thing cause when it do it seems to bring up red spots and the last one made the hole. I know I'm kinda chicken. I just read the messaging really helps breakup the scar tissue. So I better continue even if I'm nervous about it. I still have alot of upper ab swelling. But it goes down in the morning. Thank goodness. I would post a pic but it looks the same. Happy healing all

3 months po

I think I'm 3 mths post op it's hard to keep track. I am doing well but still swelling in my upper abdominal wall. I have a dr apt on wed for follow up. I'm going to ask about a small bubble my upper left side close to the belly button. It seems to be the same size all the time. Hoping it is nothing. I did my race I was training for and I met my goal of under 2 hrs for 8 miles but I did run a little. The weird part is I ran in and my abdomen felt like it was vibrating when I stopped. Really weird feeling. Only last a few minutes. I've been really tired since the race. I can't imagine doing crunches like some of my fellow tt are doing. Crazy or I'm just a wimp. Lol.

After 3 mth apt

My apt went well. They said the bubble area was just swelling. That actually my whole abdomin was swelled, but will get better. They were more concerned with my bb. She said the red line might be a stretch mark. And the bumpy area is the scar so I started some scar treatment. Prosil like chap stick. And I'm to pit it on my big scar too. I also could have dog ears on both sides. I'm supposed to massage them they could go away. Otherwise they will fix it at six months. I am so happy with the results so far. The few concerns are normal and will be worked out. It is so much better then what I had begore surgery.

Joined a gym

I have lost count of how long post opp but I have gain some of my weight back, which I think has alot to do with the swelling. I have started doing the water aerobics. What a great class! It is an all over the body workout and so far is the best for me. It just feels better for my tummy and I don't have as much pain after the work out or the next day. The swelling isn't as bad either. Now don't get me wrong the class is as tuff as you want to make it. I work and push myself hard. I don't want to gain any weight by my 6 mth Dr appt in December. I would love to show a loss. The recovery is a long process but is worth it. I do think I have to work on my own body image of how I see myself. It will come in time.
I have started with the scar strips to help my scar look better. It has been one week for the strips and two weeks for the prosil chapstick stuff. My main concern is my belly button, the line. I am really hoping that fads away with this stuff. I have a funny story about the strips. i had cut a small strip for my bb area and I put them on in the evening and wear to bed. Well, my hubby and I were getting romantic and I reached over to him and he had my strip on his belly. lol. I died laughing. needless to say you should take them off if your going to fool around. Just saying....
I am also still numb on most of my tummy, it will be nice when that goes away. Hopefully, one lady I know said she never got her feeling back and it has been 7 yrs for her. I just wanted to update you all on the exersize class because I think it is a good one for us recovering tt or any surgery. Water is a great one for resistance. They run, lift weights, and do all of the exersizes but in the water. Fun fun fun! Happy healing...

Updated photos

Not too much changed. I have some dogs ears on the sides which will be discussed in dec at my 6 mth apt and the line on my bb. Which they sai might be a stretch mark. I'm using prosil on it and my big scar. Also the scar silicone strips. Since I've been doing more workouts I get some weird muscle spasms in my belly. All is good. Just wanted to update the pictures. If anyone has had the line on the bb thing let me know how it workout for you. Can they fix it if it doesn't go away?

Almost 5 mths already

I seem to start out the same way but saying not much has changed. I feel great but my pant sizes are the same, other than they are baggy in the lower ab area but I can't go smaller with the pants because the waist swells by afternoon. So all is the same. I have really enjoyed the water aerobics class twice a week, zumba and I just started a weight class with my hubby. I am not doing the ab work though because of the tt. I thought no ab work for at least six months or more. Although in the swim aerobics there is ab work but it feels different, so I do it. Anyway, my belly button still looks funny with that line and its smaller but I have to weight until the 6mth apt in Dec to discuss it. Dec 3 is the appt but my six month is on the 21st. We are hopefully taking care of the dog eats too at that time. I miss chatting with everyone. happy healing all.

burping! OMG

Has anyone had a lot of burping since their tt? I have. It is like a continuous thing. Kind of embassing. I posted a question but no Dr has answered it yet. I never had this issue before the surgery and when I search on realself for others nothing comes up. so I thought I would just post it on my update and see who responds. I am going to bring it up at my 6mth dr visit but wanted to hear from others.

Other than that I have been doing ok. I have been working out a lot and still swelling alot. All of my classes have some ab work in them so I do what I can but it sure hurts. I have a 5 k race Sunday, looking forward to that but hoping it won't be snowing. lol

Talk soon and happy healing. Let me know if you all are burping too, I feel so alone in this....

I finished!! Woohoo

Well, the chocolate run 5k went great! I finished, is all that matters to me. The line was to long for the chocolate fountain so we didn't partake of that. Less calories that way. Lol. I did wear a compression shirt which really helped my tummy. Although it swelled alot later in the day. That seems to be normal. My dr apt is in a couple weeks so I will update after that about the belly button and dog ears. Until the next post. Happy healing!

6 mth ps appt was today

So at my 6 mth apt my ps said she's going to do a bell button revision and take care of both dog ears! Also some laser treatment on the bump above bb and on some raised parts of my scar. I thought my scar didn't look to bad. She said swelling is still normal because of all the workouts I'm doing. She said they'd do these revision in the office and the numbing shot will kinda suck but other than that I won't feel anything. It's all scheduled for the 3rd of jan. I hope everyone is healing up well. Have a merry Christmas!

Six mths already

It was good for me to read this site today and see I'm not alone. I truly thought at six months things would be better. So tired of the upper ab swelling and pressure. I've put weight back on or it from all the workouts. Either way not happy. My revision is on Friday, kinda nervous. I will update after Fridays appt. happy healing...

Revision's done

Today was the day. Thank God it's over! I now have 10" long new stitches on one side and 11" on the other. And a new bb. Yeah! But I was a wreck during the procedure because the give you lidocaine shots in the areas and they sting like at the dentist plus a bee sting but I got like 20 pokes because I kept feeling pain during the procedure. CRAZY! The right side was the worst because she said it was the drain side and the scar has a lot of nerves in it. So when they moved to the left I was really nervous. But I only had to have maybe a few more shots on that side. When u feel it, it's like pain and fire.... I felt nothing on the belly button because it was numb to begin with. But they gave me shots there too just in case. Needless to saw they were great and did a great job. I'm glad it's over and am relaxing at home with some Tylenol 3. Here's a picture I'll post more tomorrow when I remove the gause. I go back next week to check stitches and lazer treatment. Which I found means more shot for numbing. Boooo! What we do for beauty.

New Pictures to show revision

Here are the pictures without the gause. My bb seems really big now but oh well. I'm not doing anymore lol. I will learn to like it. My dog ear fixes are a little swollen today but I love the fixes when I saw them yesterday. I'm sure once the swelling goes down all will be well. Next week after they ck my stitches they will lazer the bump above my bb and any other area they think needs it. Happy healing.

Stitches are out

They took out the stitches yesterday. All went well. Here are some updated photos but I also need to correct my previous post about the length of the fixes from the dog ears. It was 10 stitches on one side and 11 stitches on the other. Lol. I said inches. And I posted two of the same side pictures last time. To funny. I'm not that big! My bb is red from rubbing on my pants at work. And I'm swelled from the day. Enough excuses her u go

11months feeling great and super happy with results

Everything is all good revision a success one more lazor treatment on my scars buti think they look great. I've dropped weight and pants sizes, swelling is gone life is good. Here is an updated picture of the scars and I love the new bb. So happy I did this. Well worth it and I had the best dr and staff too. This site was a great support and I hope my journey can help others. God bless

Time flies

I was thinking back today when I did my procedure. It feels like forever ago. I am still happy with everything. It was the best thing I've ever done. My scar is fading but I don't really notice anymore. Also I love the way my clothes fit too. Don't hold off if you want to do this. I'm glad I did it when I did.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

My first impression with Dr Ellen and her staff was great. They are very friendly and helpful. Feels like family. She had great reviews and board certified surgeon. I will have more after procedure is completed. The day of the procedure she came in and discussed things drew on me. She told me my belly button was not straight and she would fix that. She is so nice and her pa is too. She came out after and spoke to my family that it went great. I would recommend her. I haven't seen the actual incision yet because I haven't removed the binder yet but the dr was great. The pa called the day after to check profess and answer any questions. They are a great team!

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