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Hi I am a 44 and 4 day year old female who is one...

Hi I am a 44 and 4 day year old female who is one week post vaser lippo. I am very acitve but have always hated my legs and since having children the spare tyre on my stomach. I have had vaser on my lower stomach, inner thighs and outer thighs. It has been a massive decision to have this done and my thoughts at the moment is was it worth it? You can see a difference on my stomach all ready but there does not seem to be any difference on my thighs apart from them being black and blue. Can anyone comment if this is normal not to see any difference yet?

Nearly 4 weeks post surgery. How am I feeling? ...

Nearly 4 weeks post surgery. How am I feeling? Good. The bruising has gone down thank goodness as I was bruised from my butt to my ankles on my right leg. I think that there is a difference in my thighs but not as much as I would have hope as I feel that there is still too much fat on my inner thighs. My clothes are fitting my better so something must be happening. I have started back training, very gently at the moment. The compression garment is driving me mad and I have another four weeks left as my surgeon recommends 8 weeks! I have had to go back to the nurse as two of the incision wounds were not healing, so much for dissolvable stitches as they were not dissolving. One thing that has intrigued me is how un-flexible my inner thighs are since surgery as I am normally quite flexible but now I feel that they are going to snap when I stretch – is this normal???
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