22 Years Old - Birmingham, GB

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Hi, I have moderate to severe body acne on my...

Hi, I have moderate to severe body acne on my chest and back. After years of fairly serious depression I went to a very expensive dermatologist called dr lanigan at a sk:n clinic in birmingham, England. He was very helpful and told me that my problem was mainly acne and not acne scars as I had feared. He told me to undergo a course of salicylic acid peels on my back to treat the acne and then see if there were any scars left over. The treatment starts in 2 days time. It has really got me down and this treatment isn't a case of vanity and more a case of improving my self worth, so fingers crossed....

Treatment 10 hours ago

So today was the treatment and I had a brilliant nurse who was very empathetic. She put some alcoholic cleaning stuff on my back, then two coats of salicylic acid on my back with an interval in between to allow my skin to soak up the the acid. Then she cleaned it off and added moisturiser. The treatment wasn't painful at all, just a mild warmth. Afterwards, my back has just stuck to my shirt a bit with no untoward side effects. It's very marginally red and smooth. Hopefully it flakes and peels a bit tomorrow.
Dr Lanigan

He was non judgemental and sympathetic. Seemed kind of busy but that's understandable. Seemed to have my best interests at heart because I was willing to get laser treatment done which would have been way more expensive but he said this wouldn't be beneficial for my specific problem.

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