Revision Rhinoplasty. Graft Placement. Could Not Breathe out of Left Nostril After First Operation - Birmingham, GB

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I had revision rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago....

I had revision rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago. after first operation i could not breathe through my left nostril so grafts had to be placed to open my airway. i am not almost 2 years post second operation and my nose is very wide with a piece od cartilage ?? that sticks out of right side of my nose. I am very upset as told this was swelling. I now have a wider nose than what I did before the operations. I would like an opinion on what has happened here and where to go as I will not be returning to my original surgeon. The treatment i recieved in hospital was also disgraceful during my second operation. I waited 13 hours to go down to theatre and I did not even have a wrist band on! No pre op was done and no phone call the evening before the operation was made to tell me when to fast from etc.
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