Upper Eye Lid Surgery Journet - Birmingham, GB

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Yes it was worth it but its only been a week and I...

Yes it was worth it but its only been a week and I look amazing but I'm impatient and just want to look totally normal. I love the look and it exciting to look young but also a scary journey of the unknown. I'm still healing and have a little lump that's bugging me but they say it will go. Look for yourself and see what you think of the first week, I will post more pictures shortly.
I have had stiches out now and feel I cant wait to get out of the house now, its not natural for me to stay in so long, that was the down part of it and then as you have nothing to do you look at yourself more, I looked in a 4 x focus mirror so I was critising every details which then makes you feel depressed and feel regretful. But hang in there.
I know that it will get better and that I will be totally grateful of the experience.

1 week and 1 day update delighted !

I've woke this morning and taken off steri strips off and am delighted I look 10 years younger.
I still have a little lump on the inner corner of my eye which is disappointing but see for yourself the difference - so happy

2 weeks can see how much it's changed me

Looking at the photo below you can see how the droop has gone

4 weeks on

Delighted I still have watery tired eyes sometimes and loss of feeling in eye lids and still have scars but so worth it - I look forward to the coming months and more progress ! I've learned patience

6 weeks on finally with a little make up

I am so please I look younger and more awake - I still have Botox for fine lines and it's still very early days but delighted.
So many other things o want done now it's addictive !
pierre simone

He was incredibly professional, and I feel he did a great job, its still early days to write a full review

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