21 Year Old, Regretful Inker- Wrist Tattoo Removal - Birmingham, GB

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Where to begin… i'm sure my story is similar to...

Where to begin… i'm sure my story is similar to many on here…

I had thought about this tattoo on and off for a while, but when it came to it, it was a spur of the moment/totally impulsive kind of thing
like, i liked the idea of it but hadn't seriously considered if i want it on ME and in such an 'on-display' area of my body.

a few reasons i regret it;
i originally wanted it across my ONE wrist, in a single line- however for this to happen the font would be too small and eventually fade-aparently, so the artist suggested both wrists, i toyed with the idea and went for it impulsively.
which, obviously wasn't a good idea as now, it's not how i pictured it.

I absolutely love the quote, it's from a much larger quote and essentially is about trusting who you are and not listening to anyone who belittles or bullies you for the way you naturally are, so there's no regret in the quote. it also looks wonky in the pictures, but that's just the position my wrists are in.

I'm not a first time tattooer, i have quite a large back piece which fills almost my entire upper back, which i got when i was 18, and i love this tattoo, i don't regret it, but right after these wrist tattoos, or even before that, i would say mid-way through, i felt sick to my stomach, and filled with regret.

I tried to tell myself it was just because it was something new, maybe it was because i could SEE these tattoos where as before i couldn't see my tattoo (out of sight out of mind) but i just felt more and more uncomfortable with my body image and it affects how i feel every day now, it's been 3 months now, and its constantly on my mind, i'm wearing long sleeves in july, i mean.. something HAS to be done about this.

alas, whats done is done, and it's been around 2-3 months now, and i've been seriously considering removal, i went to a consultation about excision a month or two ago, and found it would cost £1000 and that wouldn't even fully remove it, so i think laser will work out a cheaper and better option…

I reckon because i am very pale and the ink is all black, and hasn't been repeatedly inked or overlapped (if that makes sense)- i should stand a good chance of full removal…

What are my chances of fully removing it looking like?
and how many sessions do you reckon this would take?

if anyone has had similar tattoos removed, please send me a link to your removal story - i'd love the inspiration.

thinking of excision a lot..

I've been doing a lot of research on laser in my areas since i originally wrote this post, and to be honest,it's making excision so much more appealing,
Excision would fully remove it from my right wrist, and mostly remove it from my left, just leaving the very tips of the I and the b, i think its just the thought of getting it out the way right off, and if the tips annoy me, then i can consider lasering them, has anyone had anything like this excised? what's the process like and healing time?

I just feel like i'm too impatient for laser- the thought of it taking 10+ sessions and having to watch it fade slowly and still seeing it there in months to come when i'm already so fed up of feeling sick daily because of my tattoos.

It would only take me till august to save enough for excision, so the thought that by august they could be gone just feels so much better than the thought of laser taking over a year.

anyway, just thinking aloud.

Set in excision

I'm definitely set in excision, it's just affording it and finding a good time to have it done. I'm almost all saved up so I'm hoping by September my wrists will be tattooless.

I plan to go to the surgeon and show him AvaLove's photos from her surgery. If he agrees that he can do a full removal, I will go with him because he is one of the best surgeons in my area. If not, I will have to travel further perhaps but it's worth it does full removal.

*i meant set on excision

Sorry haha typo

And I just noticed another typo

"It's worth it for a full removal"

It's late and I've been up since 6am - my apologies!

Booked in

Ok so I'm booked in for both wrists on the 24th of this month with V.I.P cosmetic surgery with DR Mehboob (rather funny name considering he also does breast ops)
Full price at £1000
And I should rest for one week and then slowly introduce movement and should be feeling fairly normal by week 2


Just got out of surgery! Yikes! Having both arms done was a little daunting I've gotta say, but it's done and it was bearable definitely. I'll write a full explanation of the surgery in a couple of hours!

My bandages are small and i have to keep my wrists above elbow level to prevent swelling and stretching of the scar/stitches. It took an hour all together


Here's an explanation of my surgery as best I can explain it :)

So I first saw my consultant/surgeon in his office to go over the details of the surgery and aftercare for week 1. I signed a few things and then the nurse took me up to the minor ops room.

In there I lay on a operation bed, (it had a pillow and it was a little padded so it wasn't completely terrifying haha, not a hard cold metal table or anything)

They put a pillow on my belly and rested my arms on it with my inner wrists turned up towards the ceiling.

The worst part is the local anaesthetic, but once that's over it's fine. For that he had to inject me maybe 6 or 7 times in each wrist, and to be brutally honest it's quite a large needle maybe 2 inches? And at some points he put the whole needle in my skin, horizontally along the tattoo line, after the first few though it does numb and you begin to not feel it at all. It was probably just bad for me because just as I thought it was over, he had to do it again on the other wrist :S
But honestly that took around a minute for both so it wasn't so bad.

Then he put a blue sheet over my arm with a hole where the operating area was, and also put a cover infront of my view (I asked for this because I'm squeamish)

And then he started, he tested first that I couldn't feel it and then began cutting the tattoo away, it probably took 5 minutes all together for him to cut and peel away the tattoo, maybe 10 for the left as it's a little bigger than the right.

Then he cauterised it which sounds horrible (burning sound- like frying burgers) but honestly I couldn't feel at all, and began sewing. The sewing took the longest because he sewed it internally with dissolvable stitches, and then cleaned the area and put steri strips on (like butterfly stitches?) and the. A padding and a bandage on top of that.
Then he did the other hand, all in all it took 1 hour.

My hands are very numb now, but I'm not really in pain,I just feel pretty tired, I can't bend them back for a couple of weeks, but in a weeks time I will have the dressings changed and see the scars :)

I did catch a glimpse of them in his glasses, they are quite long but he wants me to tape them once they're passed the first few weeks so I know they will be thin.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away, I know it helped me when I was considering it.

Please don't be put off by my description, I just tried to be as accurate as possible so you can be fully prepared for what happens.

Mid week dressing change

I changed the top dressings today as one of them got a little wet when I had a bath. The left one has bled a little bit bit not a lot.

day 1 post op was painful, I suppose when you have one done it's not bad because you don't use it at all; but as I've done both, I have had to use them a bit. It got better from day 2 onwards. I'm now 5/6 days post op and in relitively painless unless the area is directly pressed. I'm feeling really stiff like my wrists are incapable of bending backwards, I think that must be down to the steri strips holding it in place..

My 'dressing change' at the doctors is Thursday so I'll update with pics then, I'm a bit nervous because changing the top layer of
My dressing, it pulled the bottom layer and it was really quite sore so hopefully it'll be better by Thursday.

The big reveal!

Just had my dressings taken off! So I'm 8 days post op and I am SOOO pleased with my results! They look great! They actually look redder in the photos than they genuinely look in person, also bear in mind that I've just had steriatrips (sticky stitches) and bandages pulled off the skin hence the redness.

Then she put more steriatrips over them for the next week. Then I will remove those and start taping the scar to keep in thin. 3 days on, one day off.


Sorry, not steriatrips I meant steri strips **

2 weeks post op

Hi guys! Today I take off my steri strips (butterfly stitches) and start taping (to keep the scars thin).
Here's my scars 2 weeks post op

I'm happy so far. Obviously they will go a little red but in the long the they will fade for sure.

I did trip a couple if days ago and put a lot of pressure on my left hand/wrist and I got a sharp pain, which I think is why that ones a little more red than the right

4(almost 5) weeks post op

Hi guys! I can't believe how fast it's gone! But my wrists are basically back to normal, usage wise, only sometimes it will twinge when I put pressure on one or them at a funny angle, but it's still all healing inside a little I imagine so that's to be expected. They're really fading nicely, they do go red here and there but it doesn't bother me, I'm actually becoming fond if my scars, as odd as that sounds?!

But it's all about body positivity right ?

9/10 weeks post op

I haven't counted exactly but I think I'm around 9/10 weeks now, it's getting there, some days it's really pale, others it's more raised and swollen . Still 100% happy with my decision :) it's changing daily, the one side is always a little more red since I hurt it early on, but it's painless now- just behind in it's healing

22 weeks/5 months

Hi guys! Hope you're all well, thought I'd update my progress. I'm super happy still, rarely even think about my wrists to be honest. They're at 5 months so around the redness stage at the moment, I know 5-9 months is the redness period but they're not too bad. The left is worse than the right, but I did accidently pull that one early on after my surgery so it's always been a little more red.

Weird thing is, oddly enough I'm a little attatched to them, they make me feel strong and decisive. I chose to fix a situation that was having bad effects on my happiness and I'm proud of that.

I moisturise them (when I remember) with vitamin E cream, but recently bought a scar gel (derma e) for another scar so I'm going to apply a little here and there and see if it helps. Anyway, I'm positive they'll fade nicely. X

A year on! (16 months post surgery)

My scars are so pale now, they're hardly noticeable in day to day life and actually I think they're quite delicate and have grown to love them quite a lot! No regrets. I took these pictures in the bath to show the 'reddest ' they get, which isn't very red at all, they never do, the left wrist is red in the photo because my bracelet had been pressing on it, and I moved it for the picture. Honestly though, I'm so glad I chose excision, I see laser stories still going that I saw when I started, and although they're looking so amazing now, for me, it wasn't soon enough. I don't feel I need to cover them or anything, I wear bracelets purely because I always have as a style preference, but I never hide them, and have never had any comments, in fact the worst comment I've received was on this website - someone saying it looks like self harm scars. But the thing is, I have actual self harm scars from my past anyway so hey ho it's all about loving yourself despite your scars! I'm happy. It's my body. So my opinion counts for everything :) never felt better about it! If you're considering it, I think you should go for it as long as you have a skilled surgeon who's done it before and has a great success rate and also a great follow up. Taping really made the difference with my scars. I recommend it for anyone wanting thin scars
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