38 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 146lbs, 5'6" - Birmingham, AL

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My 1st appointment went great . I feared I would...

My 1st appointment went great . I feared I would need a lift but Dr. Van Hoy said I didn't . ???? During my 2nd, visit pre op, I tried on the sizes . I've decided on 480cc, currently I'm a 34B. I'm a little nervous overall but mostly scared of being put to sleep. Now it's less than 4 days to surgery .

Pre op

Day 1

6 hours after surgery . I've slept thru most of the day, thankfully . My pain level is gone down some but I'm around a seven on the pain scale .


Since I slept most the day after surgery I have been up most all night sleeping 1.5 hours at the most . We stayed at a hotel last night to be close to the PS. Post op is this morning at 9:30 so hopefully I will travel home today then Netflix until bedtime so I can maybe sleep tonight .

My breast were VERY tight when I got up moving around this morning but it seems to of started loosening again.

Day 2

Tried in new bra

I ordered a couple bras, they arrived today so I had to try one one . 36DD

1week post op

They are starting to drop enough that I don't feel like they are around my neck.

Dropping is a slow process .

Slowly dropping, swelling going down & I'm having less morning boob. I love that all my clothes for better .
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