22 Years Old; 5'7; 110lbs; Natrelle 495cc UHP; Submuscular; Inframammary Incision

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After what seems like decades of wishing dreaming,...

After what seems like decades of wishing dreaming, the wait is finally over I'm getting the boobs I always wanted! I've always been small chested, I'm currently a 34A bra size and have always been envious of women who were fuller chested. My husband was well aware of my feelings and how self conscious I am and completely supported me getting my breasts done. After some "shopping" around for the perfect plastic surgeon, I had found one in Germantown, TN originally. Upon further digging and trying to learn as much about this surgeon and his practice as I could I stumbled across felony malpractice court cases online, where he had lost his licensing in another state. Well as you can guess I immediately decided he was NOT the PS for me! Well I got on here and happened to come across several different women's reviews for Dr. Hedden and how phenomenal he was. Once I looked into his practice I realized he wasn't that far away from me about 4 hours/4.5 hours with heavy traffic.

Let me just tell you I am a person who stresses over the tiniest little things and wants to make sure I know every detail before hand. Before I even called Dr. Hedden's office to schedule a consultation or to ask any questions I requested a quote via RealSelf and within a few hour time span, Dr. Hedden had responded back to me and answered every question I had (also apologizing for the delay in getting back to me because of how many email correspondences he has a day). That alone showed me not only was he passionate about what he does as a surgeon, but he's genuinely invested in making sure that his patients and potential patients have the best experience possible. Needless to say I called his office the following morning and booked my consultation and surgery date!

I opted to do the 3 day surgery option, which consisted of Day1- In Person Consultation; Day2- Surgery; Day3- Post Op Follow Up Appointment (because I'm an out of town patient and my husband will be driving me the 4/4.5 hours there and back). I was able to email Dr. Hedden my stats and pre-surgey pictures, where he was able to determine I wouldn't need a lift and that implants alone would look extremely good on me. I initially wanted to be a full C when I started this journey, but I'm already having boob greed and haven't even had my boobs done yet! So after talking to my husband I told him I wanted to be a D cup and he was happy as long as I was happy. Dr. Hedden believes we'll be able to achieve that goal.

I've tried the rice test at home and decided I want to go with atleast 575cc, now just hoping that my chest will have enough room for them! My in person consultation is set for September 5th and I'll be able to try on sizers then, with my surgery the following day. A little over 2 weeks until D-Day!

Officially a week until D-Day!!

Ahhh! For one I didn't think I'd be this excited and nervous counting down the days until I head out for surgery! I received the automated appointment pone call yesterday evening reminding me that I have an appointment with my PS next Tuesday. It seems unreal after all the years of wishing and hoping that in less than a week I'm going to be getting my new boobies! ????

But now ladies I'm packing and making sure I have everything, what were some of the things that you added to your post op care list or should have? I'm trying to make sure since we're going to be out of town I have everything I could possibly need to make post op recovery as easy as possible. I'd rather be over prepared than underprepared!

Less than 10 hours hours until we leave!

So tomorrow is my consultation and my nerves are all over the place!!! Ahh!! I'm beyond excited for this new chapter, but I'm super nervous! What are some things I can expect? I already have a long list of questions to ask Dr. H tomorrow afternoon. Also is there anything specific I need to bring to my consultation besides a couple of sports bras, in order to try on sizers??? I can't believe my surgery is literally day after tomorrow!!

Consult Day!! 9-5-17

So I got to try on sizers at my consultation today! Like I posted in previously I've been dying to have 575cc, well I tried on 550cc and realized that as long as I'm at the 500 level (or as close as I can be) then I'm happy because they look big on me which is what I was hoping for! Dr. H's nurses covered all of my post off questions and concerns I had, and I let all the bigger ones up to him when he got in the room.

Since I'm smaller framed in the width of my chest he's worried I won't be to take the 575cc like I had originally wanted. I also have some tiny asymmetry between my nipples and the way my breast sits. He's not too concerned because it's something that with a close eye can be controlled without any revision surgeries.

Surgery Day!

Sorry my previous update was late! It was a long night and I didn't get much sleep last night.

Anyways my check in time was 6:15am this morning. I got up at 4:45am so I could shower and get my hair washed and dried and straighten before surgery; especially since I typically shower in the mornings and I can't stand my hair feeling greasy! We got to the office at 6:10am and I got checked in. I had a few more papers to sign off on and provide my caregiver's contact information (my husband). It wasn't even 10 minutes later that I was taken back into the pre-op room with my nurse Mallory where I changed into a robe-like-gown and she took my vitals. I wear contacts and since I have the kind I sleep in, Mallory assured me that it was okay for me to keep them during surgery. After that Dr. Hedden came in and we discussed my goal size after surgery. During this time he also drew my incision sites and lined out my chest.

Then anesthesiology came in to start my IV drip and discuss the type of anesthesia they'd be used. (Thankfully it was through my IV and wit a mask so I wasn't tubed during surgery!) He also gave me some pre-op meds to start calming my body before we headed to the OR. Mallory brought back my hubby and I got to see him for a few minutes before it was time to walk back.

Once I was back in OR they had me lay on the padded operating table and I must say it was actually kinda comfy compared to ones I've been on before. They hooked up my legs pumps/monitors and also strapped my arms to the arm pads stretched out to my sides (like in the shape of a cross) and hooked me up to some additional heart monitors and blood pressure/pulse monitors. Then my anesthesiologist told me to take several deep breaths as he was putting the mask on me, because he was getting ready to administer some additional medicine. That's the last thing I remember before waking up in the recovery ward with Mallory giving me Gatorade. I was SOOO nauseous, but I typically am I mind out from anesthesia. She helped me get dressed and into a wheelchair and out to the front where my husband was waiting to take me back to the hotel.

I took 1 painkiller and 1 nausea pill at 9:30am this morning right after we got to the hotel because I was uncomfortable and my nausea was unbearable. I laid down and slept (propped up on my back) from about 9:30am-1pm. My nausea wasn't near as bad when I woke up, but it was definitely still there. I ate some more crackers and drank some tomato soup and Gatorade. After I drank two big bottles, I settled on simply water because it wasn't near as heavy on my stomach. We then went out for a short drive just to get out of the hotel and I did pretty good (didn't wear my seatbelt so don't snitch to the cops lol). When we got back I took another pain killer around 4:30pm and laid back down while icing my chest like I'd been doing since I woke up.

My chest just feels tight and sore, my boobs are still numb. Not sure if it's from the numbing gel or what. I felt the "swishing" that other women have described and it definitely is air. I'm a funeral director and my best description is when a deceased person has tissue gas and you can feel it when the tissue moves. It doesn't necessarily hurt, just feels extremely bizarre. My ribs are sore as well, but so far no bruising! Here's to hoping I can get some sleep tonight!

Day 1 Post Op

So I was actually ale to get some sleep last night! PTL! Went to my post op appointment this morning and everything went well. Dr. H made sure to caution my husband that I needed lots of hydration (things with electrolytes; gatorades, Powerade etc), to keep icing the girls, and to make sure I'm up and walking to avoid blood clot formation.

The 3 1/2 hour car ride home wasn't too terribly bad. I didn't wear my seat belt, but I made sure I keep ice in my ice pack and pillows keeping me elevated and comfortable. I dosed off and on coming home since I've been extremely sleepy today. I'm just hoping that once they start dropping and fluffing the tightness in my chest muscles will lessen.

The freezing tatas

Y'all... let me tell you the power of ice! While it soothes the swelling and alleviates some discomfort, it also makes everything feel like it's freezing! Lol if our small framed like I am, your implants probably will have a tight fit and it will make the swelling much worse and also make it feel like your boobs have a constant fever as warm as they are. Completely normal! But make sure to ice whenever possible and whatever you do, DON'T fall sleep with the ice pack on our chest. According to my ps it can do my harm than good because of the added weight. Just a friendly PSA for you all!

Day 2

I'd be lying if I said Day 2 Post op has been a breeze, today my hubby had to go back to work so I have been by myself. Needless to say it has not been easy or fun in the least bit. I have spent most of the day piled up on the couch with ice packs on my chest. Although I did get up and take the dogs for a walk twice today. I have a 50lb pitbull and a 10lb Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix. That is a task in its own on a daily basis without me recovering from surgery, although they did good and didn't pull or cause me any pain.

I'm officially able to shower now with clearance from my PS, so as soon as my hubby gets home from work he's going to help me shower and wash my hair thankfully. Because good Lord knows I am beyond ready to have my hair washed! I've gone a solid day without it being washed and I feel like every little piece of dirt and grease and grime is now clinging to it lol.

Powerade is still my best friend, just because I feel like it is less sweet than Gatorade.

My only concern is what I need in regards for my breasts to settle in towards the middle so I'll have cleavage instead of the large space right now. I know that they are still tight and after talking to my PS my swelling will come down and they will begin to drop and fluff. After two weeks I'm able to begin wearing a normal bra during the day and still wear my sports bra at night for support, any suggestions on a specific type (sports bras included) that can help with my cleavage??

Implant Info

So after some additional research, my implants are actually Natrelle Inspira Style SRX Smooth, Responsive Gel, Extra-Full Profile; which is the equivalent to UHP (ultra-high profile). I knew it didn't say it on my implant ID card, and I forgot to ask my PS what profile I actually got. I also attached the link for the Natrelle implant styles for those who may be confused like I was!


Day 3 Post Op

Today has been a little easier than yesterday. I was able to shower by myself today (took a lot longer than usual!!). I also drove myself to Starbucks to get out of the house for a little bit and to see how well I could handle driving. My hubby road with me in case it was too painful for me, it was uncomfortable but I managed and didn't require any assistance! Woot woot!

I have realized I've taken for granted these button up shirts, because today is the first day I actually wore "real clothes" and my heavens was it uncomfortable. I felt like my chest was being smothered and set on fire (yes I did have my sports bra on). Needless to say as soon as we got home I changed back into my sleep pants and my comfy button down shirt.

I can't really tell any change any the girls, but the seem a tiny bit softer. My husband says my swelling has went down, but with the tightness I honestly can't tell. Still worried about my cleavage coming in.

Post Op Day 4

Day 4 has come with a lot more muscle tension and tightness in my boobs. I can tell my skin is stretching because it's beginning to itch like crazy! More than anything I'm still sore and impatient as ever! I've been more nauseous and sleepy today than I have been the past few days, still staying hydrating and not leaning heavily on the medicine. Here's to waiting to see some transformation in the girls!

1 Week Post Op

Today marks one week since I had my surgery! Wow it doesn't seem like it's gone by that quick. I received a card in the mail from Dr. H's office signed by all the staff, most of which helped tremendously throughout my journey through my BA and my staff in Birmingham, it was really sweet.
My recovery has been about the same although today and yesterday I've been having excessive pain/muscle pain when I breathe, especially when I take a deep breath. The closest thing I am compare it to is when you have the flu and you overall just feel bad and it hurts to breath. I figured it was my muscles being pulled, but around 7:30pm I started running a low grade fever of 99.4°F. I immediately took two extra strength Tylenol to knock out the fever, but went ahead and texted Dr. Hedden my concerns and a picture just to be sure it wasn't anything serious. He immediately called me to and told me that the pain I was feeling was completely normal especially being a week out from surgery. It's because the implants are beginning to settle and my muscles are still tight. He also explained that because the pain occurs when I breath it's because my lungs don't have much room to fully expand due to a small amount of fluid collecting around them (completely normal I was assured!!) and it's inflamed. He said a low grade fever is also normal and he's not worried as long as it doesn't get above 101.0°F because so something about it can affect the fluid and turn into pneumonia (yikes!). Anyways he has me taking Motrin ever 6 hours and Tylenol ever 4 hours as long as I'm in pain with my muscles because they're anti inflammatory meds. He also said my girls looked really good to be a week post op (yayyyy!!) and he wants me to keep him up to date with how I'm feeling and how my recovery is going.

2 Weeks Post Op

I've been a little more sore than I have been used to the past few days. I guess it's because I started back to work Monday and I've been doing a lot more strenuous movements than I had been during my initial recovery period. Other than I haven't seen much change in my breasts. My left seems a little softer than my right, my right normally seems to be the one that's more tense. I have a feeling it will be the problem child when it comes time for them to soften and drop. Here's to another week of recovering and change! Definitely loving them so far!
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