19 years old! ** 5'8 -- 140 lbs ** 400cc Silicone Implants!!!

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I turned 19 years old last month and have been...

I turned 19 years old last month and have been wanting a breast augmentation since I was like 12 (not kidding). I've always been super active and very small chested. My mom always told me that my boobs would grow and of course that wasn't the case!! When I turned 18 she said we could start discussing setting up a consultation! It took a little while to finally talk her into it, but now she is just as excited as I am! I am having surgery in 3 days. I chose Dr. Hedden in Birmingham AL. I chose him because he has so many good reviews and he has hundreds of before and after pictures of B.A.s on his website that he has done. I thought that was very impressive because many doctors only have a few to look at! I am a 32 B / 34 A. I am wanting a small D. I want to have big boobs but I also want them to look as natural as I can! I'm pretty sure I'm going with 375 cc's, Silicone. I know there has been controversy over the safety of silicone implants but my surgeon reassured me that they are safer now than ever before! You used to have to be 22 to get silicone, but that law has recently changed! I chose silicone because I want the most natural look possible, and they feel more real!!
I wasn't sure if I wanted to post pictures on here but after looking at thousands of reviews myself, I figured I might be able to help someone out that has similar stats as me! (P.S- if you have posted your implants on here, I'm sure I've seen them, and they look awesome! ;) ) *** Surgery is August 10th 2016 -- 19 years old -- Silicone Implants -- 5'8 -- 140lbs ***

Before pictures!!!

I wanted to add some before pictures so I can keep up with my progress! I'm hoping it may help some of you out on implant size preferences :)

More before pictures!

These two tops are Victoria's secret bombshells and they both add 2 cups ://

1 day before surgery!!!

Surgery Day!

I'm finally done!!! And I couldn't be more excited! I ended up going with 400ccs. I was on the line between 375 and 400 and my doctor said that there's not much of a difference and that a lot of people always complain about not going bigger. I absolutely love my results so far! Bring on the healing process now :)))

Surgery information!

My surgery lasted about 45 minutes and I stayed in recovery for 30. I woke up in ALOT of pain (more than I was expecting). They gave me some medicine there and then when I was good and awake, my mom drove me to the hotel we are staying in. (Since I'm an out of state patient, I had to stay in a hotel for the night so I can go to Dr. Heddens office in the morning for a check up!) When I finally got into the hotel bed, I was in a lot of pain again. I had to make myself eat so that I could take my pain medicine without getting sick because of my empty stomach. I'm feeling so so much better now. I'm so very excited!!!! Couldn't be happier! I'll be posting more pics of my progress! Give me feedback if you have questions, I love talking about it and would love to help!

Day 1 post op!

I had my 1 day post op follow up with Dr. Hedden this morning! I noticed I have a pretty big gap between both of my breasts and don't have much "cleavage". When I asked him about it, he said that he opened the pocket wide enough that when my implants drop they will fall where I'm wanting them! His nurse told me to go to Victoria's Secret and get the Knockout sports bra to give my breasts support and help push the implants towards the middle! I ended up buying two and they are so comfortable and give my breasts so much support! I instantly felt relief!!

It's like a normal bra underneath that clips in the front (very comfortable) and then a sports bra that zips over it!

Questions about massaging

So my doctor told me to start pushing my implants towards the middle so they will fill the pockets and help form my cleavage correctly. But he also said to wait 2-3 weeks before starting massages.. Did all of y'all wait that long before massaging? And what's something that will help push my implants towards the middle without massaging? I bought a bra that helps but I feel like I need more than that!

1 day Post Op

Post OP Day 2!!!!

Today has honestly been my worst day. I've hurt a lot and have been in bed all day, trying to get up to walk around some. But I've been feeling pretty down! I did get a chance to take a picture and I already see difference from yesterday! And I'm crazy excited about that :))!!!

Pretty impressed!

Post Op day 3!

Today has been the best day yet! I've been able to get out of the house and walk around more. The medicine my doctor has me on kind of has me down and emotional but I'm hoping to be off of it soon! I haven't been able to really tell if my breasts have dropped any today but I know it takes time, so I'm trying to be patient :') I did get some awesome sports bras from wal mart for $4.98! They are super comfortable and give me so much side support! Hoping they will help push my babies together :-)

Day 3 post op taken with iPhone!

Bubbles / fluid on my ribs and cleavage??

So yesterday (post op day 2) I felt fluid on the top of my ribs near my incision and on my cleavage line. It almost feels like bubbles or air when I mash on them?? And there are even more today. I called my doctor and he said it's normal and as long as I don't feel sick or get fever, I'm fine. Have any of you ladies had this happen to you??

Post op Day 4!

Best day yet! I haven't had too much pain, but I have been sleeping a lot! Here's some improvement pictures! I think it's important to do this to help prove to myself that they are improving / dropping even when I feel like they aren't!

The dreadful boob greed.... :(

So I can't believe I'm saying this, but I officially have an awful case of boob greed! Before surgery, I read so many reviews about boob greed and I thought to myself "I'm wanting a natural look, so this will never happen to me. I'll be happy with anything". Well this sure hasn't been the case. I've been so down about it ever since my swelling has gone down.. I feel like my boobs are nice and perky but I don't think they're noticeably big to other people, like I would prefer! (I think they look bigger in pictures by the way). My mom helped me pay for the surgery and I couldn't be more thankful. I will forever be thankful for that! I was just telling her tonight that it's not that I'm not happy with the results, it's just that the entire surgery prep / process took so long that I just wish I would have gone bigger. I decided to go with 400ccs and I really wish I would have gone at least another 75ccs. Hopefully I can get out of this negative mindset soon and be completely satisfied with my results! Comments appreciated. I'd love anything to make me feel better at this point :/

P.s.- If you are on the fence between choosing a bigger / smaller implant. Choose the bigger one. I promise you won't regret it!

1 Week :))

They have softened up so much!! I'm only sore around my incisions and I'm back to feeling completely normal :) I'm super excited about my results and love watching them change daily!!!

1 week

Picture at 1 week taken with the iPhone! Helps better visual my actual size!

Video at 1 week!!

Day 7!
Getting softer!!

Day 8!

After tanning some

Almost 2 weeks out!

I'm 12 days out and my tape came off of my incisions! I'm insanely impressed with them and think my surgeon did great!!! They are healing so good :)

Laying down!

Today is officially 12 days but I took this a few days ago and meant to post! But me laying down

2 weeks + 1 day!

After tanning! Love them more and more each day

2 weeks out! Video to show softness

Video at 2 weeks to show softness!

Video at 2 weeks and 1 day!!!

3 weeks out!

Tried on bras for the first time!!! I'm 32 D :) maybe 32 DD!!!! I've always dreaded trying on bras, now I want to try on all of them!!

Okay y'all! I need help

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much! I've been so busy. I'm planning on taking progress pics this week!! I'm almost 5 weeks post op :)

Okay so I'm very worried that I'm not going to end up with the cleavage I wanted. I can make my boobs touch when I push them together with my hands, but they don't touch in tight sports bras or tight bikini tops. I have an awkward gap (I'll attach more pictures soon). And they won't touch when I push them together with my arms (photo attached!)

Please give me tips on what to do! Is it normal? And will they touch over time?!?

5 & 1/2 weeks out!!

Quick picture!

Going to try and post some better ones tonight or tomorrow, I thought maybe this would do for now!

Almost 6 weeks out!!!

Progress pics!!!! I've noticed that pictures of my bare boobs with my professional camera makes them seem smaller than they are. So I tried my best to show their actual size in these pictures!

6 weeks!

Video at about 6 weeks!
They are getting so soft! Loving them more and more each day!

6 weeks today!

I went for a follow up appointment with Dr. Hedden yesterday and everything went good! He said I can now run and wear normal bras during the day! My boobs seem to be getting bigger each week as they drop and fluff! Im about a 32D (maybe DD) right now! So happy :)

2 months and 1 week out!!

I've been crazy busy and I haven't had time to post at all! I'm going to try and post better pictures tonight, and reply back to everyone! :) loving my breasts so much!

2 and 1/2 months out!!

Sometimes I wish they were bigger but they're ultimately what I wanted! Very natural looking and feeling :) love them!

2 months - 3 weeks

Progress pics!

Fluff and drop process! :))

This is proof that you can't judge your implants too quickly!! I had AWFUL boob greed during the first couple weeks of my recovery. Many people say that your boobs get smaller when swelling goes down, but that's obviously not true!! I'm loving this process!

New bikini tops from Victoria's Secret!

Victoria's Secret has discontinued their swimsuit line (of course it's the year that I get my implants!!!!!) but they still have tons of swim on clearance on their website! I love how I can make my boobs look super natural and still push them up if I want to :)

Getting close to 3 months!!

Almost 3 months out!
Softness update!!

Almost 3 months!

Dropping and fluffing

Video of surgery!

Actual surgery video!!


Tj Maxx has tons of cheap sports bras. I wish I would have gone there when I was recovering from surgery and looking for nice soft bras! They definitely have them! This one is a M!

3 months!

Getting new bikinis in the mail feels like Christmas morning :)))

Laying down! 3 month video

3 month video! Layin down
Since I had very little boob to begin with, I always wondered if my implants would look super fake when laying on my back. Well I tried taking a good picture to show you guys how they fall like natural breasts but I thought a video did them better justice. I'm 3 months out and very impressed with how soft they are already! Not at all 'circlular hard implants' when laying on my back! My right is a little tight but I figure it will drop more with time!

New updates

I've been so busy with school and finals that I haven't had time to add updates or reply to comments! I'm going to try my best to update tonight / this week :)

Month 4!!

Full body video! Month 4
32 D bra with little push up!
I'm sorry I have been MIA for so long! I finally have some free time from school for christmas break!! Here are two videos to show how soft they are at month 4. Not much has changed but I have noticed they have been being really sore lately and I'm not sure why?? (not painful, more like period sore.. but I'm not on my period).
How long did yall's doctors tell you to continue to massage?? I've been slacking really bad :/ Are you supposed to continue massages after month 4???

Implant stats :

Okay so I never knew what profile my implants were and since my doctor and I never discussed different profiles I just figured they were moderate.... but now I see that they are High Profile!!!! I'm so sorry to anyone that I told wrong! I shouldn't have assumed

Totally in love!

Traveling out of town in a big sweatshirt - without a bra... and it's just so comfortable :-)) so naturally I had to snap a picture in the bathroom during our pit-stop ;)

Almost 5 months out!

They're softer than ever and seem so real! I don't have one complaint. Totally obsessed!

Couldn't have taken a picture like this before!!

Having boobs is still unreal to me! So much fun :)

Starting scar treatment!

I have decided to get a scar creme to try! This is what my scars look like now! I'll post pictures of what they look like in a few weeks :)

Starting scar treatment!

I have decided to get a scar creme to try! This is what my scars look like now! I'll post pictures of what they look like in a few weeks :)

Going on 7 months!

I can't believe it's already been half a year since I got my implants! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting updates, I'm going to try and do some this week!! And I will also reply back to any comments / direct messages I've received! I still have boob greed on some days and it makes it worse when I get on here and see girls with larger implants than me! I love mine, but I do wish I would have gone a little bigger :( so that's also another reason I haven't been on much! I'll start posting again soon!!
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hedden was fabulous. I have beautiful, natural looking breasts and couldn't be more pleased! I definitely made the right choice by choosing Dr. Hedden to do my surgery! Many women who rated Dr. Hedden didn't give him the full 5 stars for 'time spent with me', but I believe he deserves all 5. He was in and out of my room quickly but he was so friendly and answered all of my questions before I even had time to ask. He made sure I was completely satisfied and made sure I didn't have any other questions and then was onto the next patient. I'm guessing this bothered some women, but he is crazy busy so I understand! I did my research and didn't need to be babied through the process. Overall Dr. Hedden is a 10/10! Fabulous work and so nice :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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