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I started seeing forehead lines that I did not...

I started seeing forehead lines that I did not care for, my Dr. suggested light Botox use. I love it, the lines are gone and I can still move my eyebrows so I do not have the expressionless issue many worry about.

The only con I can think of is that it seems I had more headaches for about the first 2 weeks after. Its been about 6 weeks since I got the injections, and so far it does not appear to have "worn off" at all. If I need to back sooner than 12 weeks I will consider that a con. I did have the topical numbing cream, and ice after for reference in the pain section.

He only did as much as needed to get the results I wanted without giving me the frozen look. His office staff is wonderful. The entire place is very relaxing and helps take down the stress level of having procedures done.

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