Lower Body Lift/Breast Lift W/ Aug

Surgery is scheduled for November 18th and pre-op...

Surgery is scheduled for November 18th and pre-op is November 9th. I'm nervous and excited. I find myself constantly researching and reading about what's to come and this website/app has been great!
So, my background....I am 5'8" tall and currently 197 pounds. My highest known weight was 288 pounds. 3 pregnancies, weight that has fluctuated throughout my adult life, and a 90 pound weight loss has left me with extra undesirable sagging skin. I'm active...I run, I do crossfit, I eat clean...I have changed my lifestyle. I feel like the extra skin holds me back in a lot of ways. When I run, my belly smacks my thighs, I'm super self conscience when I do certain movements in crossfit, and clothes never lay right on me. It's time to get all the extra skin removed.
I met with my plastic surgeon earlier this month and he really made me feel like I could have great results.we talked about a few different options. I was worried that BMI would be an issue since I'm still overweight for my height, but he put me at ease when he said BMI was not the end-all be-all. It was exactly what I needed to hear.
So after about a week of prayer with my husband...we decided it was time to schedule the procedures. I'll update when I know more!

Not FMLA qualified...

I met with my HR rep this week and because this is an elective procedure, I'm not protected by FMLA. I've had to request a personal leave of absence...which was extremely awkward because I had to request it through my Senior Vice President and explaining to him that I was having an elective surgery was somewhat embarrassing. But I did it, and he's approved it, so I'm set to go. Im super grateful for the 11 years I've been with my employer. Hopefully I won't be out any longer than I have to be. Pre-op in 9 days and only 18 more until surgery!

This time next week....

....I'll be recovering!!!
I had my Pre-Op appointment Wednesday and it went well. My surgery is paid in full. I got a nice, thick booklet to read and sign off on about all of my instructions, 3 prescriptions, and my post-surgical bra. I'm starting to get nervous, but I know that this is what I've worked for and wanted for a long, long time. It brings tears to my eyes to think about what cutting all of this skin off signifies. The extra skin and ugly breasts have been a painful sight for so long. I'm looking forward to falling in love with my body after this.


I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I got home today and I've pretty much slept all day. My husband has been the best nurse. He's emptied my drains, stayed on top of my pain medicine, helped me in and out of my chair, etc. I've gotten up and walked around a few times last night and today. I told the Dr. this morning that I felt like any move I make is cause my sutures to tear. He assured me that it wasn't and that it's normal tension. I have yet to even look at what's going on down there or with my boobs. I'm not even sure I'm ready to look. Hahaha
I'll update again when I get to see the results.

I showered!

And I feel so much better. I'm still taking it super easy and resting in my recliner, but sleeping in the same position is super hard on the back. I'm starting to stretch out the time between pain meds and overall I feel pretty good. I did get a good look in the mirror before and after my shower and I am in awe. My PS did an amazing job. The incisions are low and well-placed. After I showered and got dressed I weighed myself and even though there's obvious swelling, I had on clothes and compression garments, drains, etc, I still weighed 10 pounds less than I did the morning of surgery. I'm super excited about the progress I've already made, but I'm still taking it easy and sleeping a ton. Thanks for all of the well-wishes!

3 days

Swollen is the word of the day. But I am in love with what I see already.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone's left me here at the house to go enjoy thanksgiving with the rest of the family, so I'm over here taking naked bathroom selfies. ???? wish I could show off the girls, but they're not ready. They still need to settle and fluff. Right now they just don't shine like I know they eventually will. But how about that belly button? Still puffy around my left hip and the middle of my abs is kind of hard...not in a bad way. Feeling good except for that burning sensation around the back incision/drain tube. Got 2 tubes removed yesterday! Praise da Lort! And the other 2 will come out next Wednesday. Everyday is a good day! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a great day with your families! ??

12 Days Post Op

I had an appointment with Dr. Oliver and everything went well! I got my last 2 drains removed and let me just say....it feels amazing to be free! He pulled off all of the paper tape and everything is closed and looks good! He had to syringe a little bit of fluid off of my lower tummy, which was weird, but whatever. It wasn't a whole bunch of fluid so he doesn't seem to think it'll be a reoccurring issue. I have to go back next week just to make sure I'm doing ok post drain removal. He gave me the go ahead to start using silicone tape on my incision line, and that's exciting news too because I thought for sure I'd be told to hold off for another week. I still have a ton of swelling, which you'll see in my side pictures, but that's par for the course. My incision lines far exceed my expectations. I couldn't be more happy with my progress.
The girls are settling into their pockets. They're still really swollen and tender at times, but I know the end result will be perfect. They're already 10x better than what I had before.
It's been a good day so far. I've showered and I'm drain free. What more could a girl ask for?
Dr. Robert Oliver

I only had one consult with one surgeon and from the beginning Dr. Oliver and his staff have been nothing short of amazing. He spent an hour with me at my initial consult making sure that I understood the procedures and all of my questions were answered. This sold me. This along with the before and afters on the practice's website. His nurse Mandi was super responsive to my initial emails to get everything scheduled. And even post op when I had a concern, Dr. Oliver was super responsive and gave me his cell number in case anything came up over the weekend. Overall, a great practice with really sweet, caring people.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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