Lower Body Lift/Breast Lift W/ Aug Scheduled

Surgery is scheduled for November 18th and pre-op...

Surgery is scheduled for November 18th and pre-op is November 9th. I'm nervous and excited. I find myself constantly researching and reading about what's to come and this website/app has been great!
So, my background....I am 5'8" tall and currently 197 pounds. My highest known weight was 288 pounds. 3 pregnancies, weight that has fluctuated throughout my adult life, and a 90 pound weight loss has left me with extra undesirable sagging skin. I'm active...I run, I do crossfit, I eat clean...I have changed my lifestyle. I feel like the extra skin holds me back in a lot of ways. When I run, my belly smacks my thighs, I'm super self conscience when I do certain movements in crossfit, and clothes never lay right on me. It's time to get all the extra skin removed.
I met with my plastic surgeon earlier this month and he really made me feel like I could have great results.we talked about a few different options. I was worried that BMI would be an issue since I'm still overweight for my height, but he put me at ease when he said BMI was not the end-all be-all. It was exactly what I needed to hear.
So after about a week of prayer with my husband...we decided it was time to schedule the procedures. I'll update when I know more!
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