BEWARE It Works SCAM!! It Does NOT WORK on Everyone!!! - Binghamton, NY

I had my first baby back in November and was...

I had my first baby back in November and was feeling uncomfortable in my "new body" and was working out eating right, nothing seemed to really get rid of the baby belly. So I saw these ultimate body applicators and heard some great stories, one of my girlfriends lost 6'' in one wrap! I was amazed and just had to try it for myself...SOO wish I didn't! I became a loyal customer and bought a whole box of the wraps, tried it twice on my stomach and followed directions to a T...and NOTHING, not even a inch! I am so mad at this point, but do still have two more left, and figure maybe it will works better somewhere else. So the next wrap I did was on my arms...and would you know NOTHING again!! Okay now I'm really made, I just wasted all this money to wrap myself and vicks vapor rub...I called the company and told them I wasn't happy, what do they tell me? There is nothing they can do and are very sorry but yeah sometimes they don't work for everyone...WOW your website doesn't make it seem that way!! So now I have to spend $ for the next 2 months on products at a company that sells false hope!! Really NICE!!!
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