26 Y/o 5'9 150 500cc High Profile

Much like everyone else I've been stalking this...

Much like everyone else I've been stalking this website for a few months waiting for my consultation which will be on November 1st with dr. Muskett here in Billings. I never wanted breast implants I've always been happy with my small breasts but after pregnancy and breastfeeding only out of one breast I'm left deflated and lopsided! I feel like I've lived life happily as a flat chested woman and this is a new chapter it's time for a little (hopefully a lot) of va-va-voom! I'm hoping my body can accommodate 500cc high profile which seems large to some but it's really the look I like after much research on RealSelf and on Instagram also my two best friends have 400cc from dr.muskett and although they have beautiful boobs I feel like I have a larger frame than both of them and would require a bit more silicone to achieve my desired look! I'm a little embarrassed to post before pictures but since you all are so brave I suppose I'll buck up!

Before pics and rice sizers and wish tits

So I made up some rice sizers Google said 500cc is 16 oz so I used a baby bottle and some thigh highs. Hubby works nights so I get weird when the baby goes to sleep.

So currently I'm 165 I weighed 145 before baby I'm still working on the baby weight but I feel like 500cc at my height and weight looks AMAZING

Anyways as promised here's my cringeworthy before pics, rice sizers, and wish tits!


I decided to try on these rice sizers again since I'm obsessing over boobs every night and I've decided that I most definitely do without a doubt want implants. It balances out my body so much I look 10lbs thinner!
These are 500cc and they don't even look huge on my frame. I was looking all around for a tape measure so I could see my breast width but couldn't find one :( I'm crawling out of my skin excited for my consultation just a little over two weeks from now. I wonder if I could call tomorrow and ask if there's been any cancellations? Is that a thing?

Ultimate wish pics

This girl on here has my ultimate wish boobs and her review is hilarious

More randomness

I don't have much to update about since I'm still waiting for my consultation but I just a random thought as I'm going through reviews..:

No shade but I notice a lot of women always say things like "I love them so much BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE" or like "best thing I've ever done" I feel like that's kind of exaggerating like I'm sure it's exciting but it's just boobs..

The best decision I've ever made was to have my son lol and then maybe second best decision was the career I chose.. but that's me.

I'm sure people are just using "best decision ever" as a turn or phrase but I have a tendency to analyze things to death and that's always bothered me when looking at reviews. Seems so vain.

Anyways the other day I was out shopping with my bff and she has 400cc and we always share a fitting room so we're getting undressed and dressed and I've never felt self conscious around her even though she's gorgeous but for the first time in a long time I felt kinda ugly. Just kinda fat or unsexy or something.. after having the baby even though I've lost most of my baby weight I just feel kinda drab. Looking forward to my new additions for sure...


Just wanted to post to say that I think RealSelf is genius and I'm really glad there's a community for men and women who are looking into getting procedures done where they can become more informed patients. The people on here are generally so sweet with the exception of a few trolls, I'm glad I found this app! Might as well throw in some wish pics while I'm posting :)
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