Bilateral Otoplasty in NY

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I got a bilateral otoplasty because my ears stuck...

I got a bilateral otoplasty because my ears stuck out and i was very self-conscious about them.

The surgery went fine. The local anesthesia hurt a lot but i didn't feel a thing for the actual surgery. I had the cartiledge bent and stitched on both ears using dissolvable stitches on the inside and non dissolvable on the outside. The down side is that they hurt for weeks after wards and one looks more pinned back and is more sore than the other.

I had a Bilateral Otoplasty done 3 months ago and my one ear hurts more than the other and they are still a little numb/tingly when I run my finger down the back of them.

The one sore ear has a more pinned-to-the-head look than the other and I was wondering how long it took for the ears to be 100% healed from this procedure and how long it takes for them to be the shape they will be for the rest of my life.

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He was a very nice doctor and really seemed to know what he was doing, though he really didn't explain what he was going to do or what would happen after the surgery.

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