Bilateral Otoplasty

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Performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in...

Performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in PS-Central Singapore.

I feel that my operation was a success but I will have to get a second operation done on one ear, as the ears were not "symmetrically" pinned: an obvious draw of such a surgery one would assume. Considering the "incisionless" operation as a follow-up.

Otoplasty has a painful and extended healing process compared to other cosmetic operations. There is a 3-6 month timeline for them to become active again, though you can go public in about 7 days. I would do it again however, as "bat ears" have no other way of resolving themselves.

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Most PS's will only pin your ears BACK: this CAN result in a sharp point; ala Dr. Spock. See for yourself if you need to have your "antihelical folds" shaped as well to prevent this. You can check for this by pushing your ears back a bit in the mirror--push back with your fingertip on the INSIDE folds of your ear. If they appear "pointy", then you may need more than one incision to complete your operation properly. Ask your doc. Get three quotes from a minimum of three doctors and ask them what their operation specifics and costs are.

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