Beware of Salon-style Botox - Jamestown, NY

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There is no cheap way to do cosmetic surgery. I...

There is no cheap way to do cosmetic surgery. I learned that the hard way. I shopped around for prices on Botox and settled on a salon in my area that hawks it as a lunchtime treatment. The price was a lot better than going to a plastic surgeon and it seemed easier. Well that’s great but it didn’t work!

I got the Botox between my eyes where everyone else does and nothing happened. They told me I had to wait so I went home and I did. After a week I made them take me again and give me another shot - this time it worked half-a**ed but nothing like it was supposed to. I still looked mad and creased and worried all the time. I couldn’t believe that I was the only person in the world who couldn’t have Botox!

Two months later I called a real doctor for some answers. She told me that those beauty salons could dilute the Botox mixture as much as they like, and they probably do to minimize side effects. I paid less, sure, but I was getting nothing for it.

So I made an appointment at a real, honest-to-goodness plastic surgeon for Botox in the same place and it worked beautifully. It has really improved my looks and I get compliments about looking younger even though that wasn’t why I went. So yeah I paid more for it but I’d rather pay for a result than pay to waste my time. It’s not even a question.
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