IPL Worked for Me at 57

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I am 56 and noticed a younger [40's] friends...

I am 56 and noticed a younger [40's] friends skin looked amazing and asked her what she did. It ws IPL Photofacial.

I'll start with the pros: it is two weeks later after one treatment and it cleared some red broken blood vessels on my cheeks and nose, lighted age/sun spots noticably. My skin looks a lot smoother and clearer...after one treatment. I had read it didn't work well on latin skin [I am 100% Cuban] but my esthetician told me i should have NO sun on my face and I had a microderm facial a week before. Given I live in the noth and was just coming out of winter...it was my skin was already white white...The combo of no sun and the micro a week before may have made the difference cause my results are great.

Cons - it hurts...it really hurts and I don't usually have a problem with pain. If it was just one...feels like being whacked in the face with a rubber band...it wouldn't be so bad but she must have done it 100 times. The person administering it was great and use aloe, aloe and more aloe which immediately cooled everything down. I used aloe at home and after a couple of days...it started clearing up. I'll do it again for sure...except maybe I won't scream so much next time. Maybe...

Good luck!

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