Please Be Careful This Doctor Deformed my Face Treating Me with Ultrasound - Beverly Hills, CA

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I went to this doctors office a year and half ago...

I went to this doctors office a year and half ago because I heard of ultherapy and how it can grow collagen etc .. Not knowing the harmful effects this machine can have on my face and how it would alter my looks I had 3 treatments done .. This doctor told me that in order to keep the collagen going etc .. This treatment needs to be repeated yearly !! .. God I wish I could turn back time .. First time I lost some fat .. I did not put the two together. I went filled it in with filler everything turned out ok .. He said he was gonna treat me agressive !! .. I had no clue that this machine microwaves your face and can shrink your tissues .. Second time I went back I wanted to give something to my aunt so I took her and decided heck I'll do it again .. As time went by I noticed something off .. My jaw was constricting to one side and pulling also the eye .. I then remembered he had told me one eye was higher so he was gonna treat that eyebrow more !!! .. I guess as time went by it created scar tissue on that side and was shrinking compare to my other side . I did not know this as I still could pull off looking pretty I still had nice skin eyes altough right side underneath was scar.. Not knowing that this machine can morphe your looks and cause. DNA damage I went back to him for answers a month in a half ago .. He said oh if I treat the other eye agressive maybe it will even out .. I was so naive I let this man once again pray on me to take my money .. I was one of those woman that will walk into a place and catch everyone's attention , my skin was nice , pretty eyes ., I was only in my erly 30 And looked in my 2o ., I did not need this !! Fast forward he must have treated my poor face agressive one again thermal burn .. This time no return .. My face completely melted .. My jaw .. Is not there anymore .. My head shrunk .. My eyes are shrinking day by day .tissue is shrinking , I had huge eyes now marbles .. I have Ptosis .. The right side of my face completely scar tissue .. The eye is in the back of my head .. It's a horror movie ..I look like I was born deformed ..I hide in sunglasses now , I used to be proud . He altered my looks like nothing .. I keep changing every day .. I'm depressed and very bad because this man wanted to do treatment on me I did not need .. One side of my face caved in and the other is out ,one eye looks like it's popping out .scary stuff . Probably radiation overdose .. who knows what's to come my life is over.. I can't stand looking at this face he's made me into .i used to be pretty now a deformed botched victim all from a laser . I would not trust this man near your face if I were you .

How could doctors destroy faces like this

This should never have been used in my face .. I had nothin to lift .. Tell me it's prevention ! How dare you !

Doctors can't and won't help

I'm sorry I cannot post pics .. It's hard enough looking in the mirror . I don't wanna be judged I just wanna tell my story so people can see the dangers and hopefully not let anyone convince you this is a good treatment of prevention .I was lied to and for money he botched my features for ever . I seen several doctors ..I can count 10 as of now. devistated trying to get answers but no one can explain what happen . they say wait 6 moths etc . I tried to get someone to do stem cells he also denied treatment ( said it prob won't help at this point ) he said if it's scar tissue it can make it worse .,, .. ..he said your still pretty ( maybe you will get used to this new look ! (Eyes )........ I don't think so ...seen doctors that know my face from before and I could see that they just don't know what to say Pitty , feel bad for me . ? a woman that works wit a plastic surgeon that know me was in shock to see my face. I told her ultherapy changed my face .. ( She said she noticed ) Now who knows what my face will turn into the next 6 moths of change . Why did u ever introduce this facial morphing machine into my life ! .. This machine has destroyed many life's and it's really sad that many others will prob be destroyed as well . This machine needs to go ! Had a doctor tell me the word is getting around that this machine is dangerous . He said if u look online NOBODY!! Looks better after .Had a neurologist tell me he's seen damage from ultherapy before and some that go in two times never go back (face ).. The damage is done . He told me not to do fillers as some woman he has seen look worse after .. Had a eye doctor at ucla tell me my face and eyes are unsymmetrical she said if in fact it was the laser ( ultherapy ) there is nothing I can do about it .. Repair it ) And told me to try not to look in the mirror .. To find a hobby .,I know they feel bad I can see it in their faces . Many doctors have seen woman damaged I'm not the first . But my story is not just fat loss .. Changed my eyes and my right side . One is high one is low .. One is out one is in . I can't explain the horror I see when I look at myself .i miss my face .. I don't see her coming back .,don't think I will ever recover .
Los Angeles Dermatologist

He's all about money and melted my face to earn 9 k .. Completely deformed me

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