Worse Now Than Before Erbium Yag (For Ice Pick Acne Scars)

First it was excruciating. It smelled like burned...

First it was excruciating. It smelled like burned chicken when they were doing it. After I looked like burn victim with swollen, and bloody oozing. Did the Aquafor, they tell you to put gel icepacks on but it KILLS to touch your face even with water.

I looked like a freak for at least a month and RED for a year and now I have hyper-pigmentation, and lines on my face like a map of where the laser hit, and some shallow scars near my eyes, that have an odd texture. I did it to even out icepick acne scars, but it did nothing. My eyelid skin is thinner and creppy. I didn't even want my eyes touched.

I wish I had never done it. They make it sound like, oh discomfort for a week and then with a little make-up you can go out. NOT THE CASE. I went to one of the most reputable Beverly Hills dermatologists. Wanted it done right.

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