Worse Now Than Before Erbium Yag (For Ice Pick Acne Scars)

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First it was excruciating. It smelled like burned...

First it was excruciating. It smelled like burned chicken when they were doing it. After I looked like burn victim with swollen, and bloody oozing. Did the Aquafor, they tell you to put gel icepacks on but it KILLS to touch your face even with water.

I looked like a freak for at least a month and RED for a year and now I have hyper-pigmentation, and lines on my face like a map of where the laser hit, and some shallow scars near my eyes, that have an odd texture. I did it to even out icepick acne scars, but it did nothing. My eyelid skin is thinner and creppy. I didn't even want my eyes touched.

I wish I had never done it. They make it sound like, oh discomfort for a week and then with a little make-up you can go out. NOT THE CASE. I went to one of the most reputable Beverly Hills dermatologists. Wanted it done right.

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