Severe Chemosis After Upper Bleph

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I would not have gone through w/ the surgery if I...

I would not have gone through w/ the surgery if I had known about chemosis. I did the operation to even the eyelids. The doctor I chose was knowledable about Asian Eyelids.

I had the Upper Bleph done almost two weeks ago with dissolvable suture. I removed the stitches that did not dissolve on day 4 (per PS instructions). The reason I removed my own stitches is because my PS is about 6 hours away. The swelling is gone but both eyelids are still red and swollen and sore to touch. I developed severe chemosis on the left eye on day 5 and the same thing w/the right eye on day 6 (less severe). My PS prescribed oral Ciprofloxacin to take 1 pill 2x a day and Neo-Poly -Dex eye drop 2 drops per day for 5 days. The eye drop is not working and making the problem worse. My left eye is blistered and painful. The blistered is starting to cover part of my pupil (from corner of my eye near the nose). I can feel the increase pressure of the left eyeball and is causing migraines daily. I've been using GenTeal gel to coat the eyes at night and nature tears throughout the day. I have been icing both eyes several times a day. I noticed that my vision is blurring and I am afraid to lose my sight. My doctor thinks there is the allergic reaction (he doesn't know the cause) because the eye lids are still red, swollen and puffy. I can barely open the left eye. He offered to give oral steroids if the drops and cipro do not work. Next Monday will be a week w/ the chemosis. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Because of the chemosis

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