Weak Chin - Got a Medium Implant - Beverly Hills, CA

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Where do I start... Well, for some time now,...

Where do I start...
Well, for some time now, people have made comments on my weak chin. Even in photos I was forced to delete, because the lack of chin.
A year ago I had thought about sliding genioplasty, because I had seen some overdone chin implants that had looked masculine or lengthen the chin. But I opted out considering the surgeon was in NYC and the consult was steep... Plus it's an intense surgery!

So I just got my inplant inserted today and I'm in some pain, the pain meds has kicked in. I feel like I'm on a lot of meds. But it's for swelling, pain, and antibiotics. I am so fortunate enough to have my boyfriend to assist with the aftercare. He bought me soup and is feeding me my meds. So I feel pretty good right now.

My chin is swollen underneath, the projection is much better but not extreme... It's too soon to tell.

Don't freak out too soon.

Still worried about the appearance of my chin. I'm happy to have one now, but it's enlongating my face more and since it's still a bit swollen/squishy I try not to freak out. They say about 3 months in, you have a better idea of your new chin. Maybe you just get used to it by then? Ha

You start taking millions of photos of yourself!

Geez my camera roll is full now! Can't stop obsessing over my chin, it's still swollen and if it still looks bad imma have to get a sugar daddy. How will I be able to afford another surgery? Haha jk. I'll take donations if that's the final case.

Am I a model yet?

I can't take myself seriously... If I do. I'll be in tears. I went out last night for the first time since my surgery and I didnt feel confident. I'm still looking fake and off. I keep taking selfies hoping I can trick myself into believing I look normal. 3 more months!!!

Don't delete all the ugly photos of your chin prior to surgery.

You need these as reminders of why you got the surgery!

Second thoughts

After looking at other implant stories in beginning to have second thoughts. My chin is too masculine now (common thing you hear with chin implants) and not pointy more squared.
I know there's still some swelling/edema... But in reality the length is too long for my long face.

I love having a chin, but can I get the implant repositioned and if the old chin was already long, could that be shaved and shortened? I don't like the length.

It takes time and you get used to it.

I'm officially 3 weeks post op +1day.

There is still swelling under my chin where the scar tissue has formed. It's hard to the touch and it also brings down my chin aka lengthening it. I'm told it's supposed to heal and recced up.

If you get a chin implant, make sure you actually need one. I did. My chin was very weak and I still love having a new chin, it just takes a while to get used to. Plus, the swelling is taking forever to go down.

I can't say I truly like the current stage of my chin. My smile is still not back to normal and it's still swollen. My PS does very natural and professional work, so I'm sure in time it will heal perfectly.

If you're a man debating on a chin implant-- I would say do it!!!
Female, just make sure you really need one.

Before and Afters (Almost 2 Months)


This is a great explanation with videos and photos of the importance in discussing a chin implant with your PS. Unfortunately, after a brief discussion with my PS I still did not receive the results I wanted.
The length of my chin has increased (which he said wouldn't happen), which I was afraid of, and I doubt that's all from swelling.
I will be talking to my surgeon soon, but I did get a medium silicone chin implant, which will be easy to remove... A chin can really impact a feminine face.

I've read a lot of regrets from chin implants online, but remember they ARE reversible to an extent!
I wouldn't waste time crying or stressing out from a chin implant, because according to doctors you can get it removed with an IV sedation in about 10-30mins and recovery is much faster.
The risks from removal: infection, witches chin (from large implants), swelling, scar capsule tissue (which could give a slight augmented look, could be ideal?)

If I do get a revision or complete removal I will include an extensive review on my healing process. A lot of people have concerns about this, but I am in my 20s with stretchy skin. Also, my neck is breaking out, which has NEVER done before and the padding on my chin seems to be more noticeable now.

The worst part is the STRESS from a REVERSIBLE chin implant. I've been reading people's regrets everywhere. I have never put myself in so much stress before! So I advise you to avoid mirrors and wait at least 2 - 3months before freaking out.

Follow Up with PS

I had my follow up today, my PS said there is still swelling going on and if I don't like it in two months he will fix it to my liking. Technically I'm at 6 weeks, these have honestly been the longest 6 weeks of my life. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

We must be patient... very patient and level headed. I keep reading reviews of people going back and forth on their person preference of their chin implant, I don't want to do that, but at this point I still do not love the chin implant. Two more months I should be able to accurately decide if I want a revision.

If you're freaking out about your chin implant, schedule an earlier appointment to talk to them about your concerns. Don't stress!

Chin implants seems to take forever to heal

It's been over two months and I still see swelling. Hopefully by my next appointment in June, I'll know if I want a revision. Overall I like the implant in person and under specific lighting, but other angles and photos, I'm still not satisfied.

People's opinions may have suggested my previous chin was fine or my current chin implant looks fine, well, in the end it's a personal preference... that why I had surgery to begin with.
It doesn't have to be perfect, but I think all surgeons should strive for perfection or at least what their client asked for.

I would never recommend a Chin Implant:

One more week and it'll been 3 long months since the implant.
I have never been so conflicted over my appearance. It's become an obsession because every day I am reminded of my new face aka chin, which alters a lot in my opinion, but others may not notice. Therefore, if others don't notice a difference, but I do and I'm the one upset over it, I should do something about it?! Right?
I keep waiting for the swelling to decrease, which it gradually is, but it's taking too long.
I don't know how mentally strong I am to keep this new chin.
I don't smile as much as I used to.
I've cried more than I should have/ suffer from a mild depression.
I wasn't told it would take a year to fully heal from swelling.
I didn't think it would be this challenging to accept.
It added length and width, neither did I want.
I look more masculine - absolutely NOT what I wanted.
I think I should be happier with this alteration, but I'm full of regret.
I now see the unique beauty I had before, it was a weak chin, it wasn't "normal", but it was me. I truly appreciate my old chin now and I want it back for the most part, maybe an extra small or small chin implant in replace of this one?

Aesthetically, my face is more proportional, my surgeon did a great job, it's even and snug. I've seen some terrible chin implants after my research.

If you did get a chin implant and are using photos to compare, I would also recommend uploading old photos to a computer screen and then comparing your current chin with a hand held mirror.

I am TRYING my best to wait until June and during this time, I HOPE my chin shrinks to about half it's size. I just want my old chin back with more projection.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

Possibly speed up your RECOVERY!

I started using Vicks Vapor rub on my chin, but not on the scar and I think it's actually helping with swelling, it's very subtle, but it feels great and I put it on before bed.
I've also been taking multi-vitamins and specifically Vitamin C, I'm also a vegan.
For the scar, the best option is to buy vitamin e pills and pierce the capsule and rub on the scar before bed. I've been massaging the scar and I truly believe it helps break up the scar tissue.

As of now, if the swelling continues to go down, I think I will LOVE the final result.
It's just a VERY long process, so if you do decide to get this done... take some time off.

Additional Photos

3 Months and Still Swollen - Good News

You must be patient.
I hear people removing their implants after 4weeks! That's a waste of time and money.
My chin is still swollen, but I'm sure after a year, I will be very happy with the results.
My left side is still larger than the right, I just hope that will even out in a year, I must've bumped it on accident after the surgery or something.

I don't feel much "bone/implant" yet, I still feel the scar capsule and it's squishy.
In certain lighting I see the potential final result and I am so happy I got the implant...
but the waiting and swelling really wasn't worth it.

But I would recommend my PS, he is a craftsman -- chin implants are difficult!

Long Profile


If the swelling/ scar tissue under my chin doesn't leave, can I get the chin implant repositioned higher on my chin?
I have a long face, so I want to shorten its appearance.


Follow up

I'm going to see my PS soon, so I'm not waiting a year for a possible outcome. I'm going to remove the medium implant. Yes, my old chin was weak, but I die a little every time I look in the mirror. Because I don't see "me". And I truly hate this chin prior to my old chin that I just didn't care for.

I have decided to get the implant removed. I'm going to express my true feelings to the wonderful Toby Mayer, his work is solid, but I had different expectations and this was too drastic for me.

He said he would fix it if I still didn't like it and at this point, I'm almost $3,000 sure I want the implant removed. I just hope there are no complications.

I had gotten used to the implant, but I started to forget my old face and convinced myself there was still significant swelling. At this point my family supports my decision for the removal. My mom said "do it do it" and my brother said it makes me look much older.

I think we should all make a better effort at telling people they are beautiful. One day I would like my dream chin, but that's not now... Maybe a sliding gienoplasty when I can afford it.

Sorry for the crazy post! This is what some people go through, especially when they're unemployed and able to obsess over it.

Ill keep you all posted! I can't wait to see my old face again!!!!!

More photos

I took it out!!!

So, after a lot of debate, I decided to take out my medium chin implant today 5/4.
I CAN SEE my old face again!!! I forgot how much I actually loved my face, although the chin is still very swollen, I look younger, more gentile, and my profile is okay. I can live with this. I can live with the old me. I think the chin implant made me realize that my natural (weak) chin was more suitable for me. My nose stands out, but with the chin, it just looked too harsh.
I want to cry out of joy and I also want to cry because I spent a lot of money, time (SO MUCH TIME stressing and researching chin implants), and now I'll be left with a scar and a weak chin. I really hope I have some scar tissue helping me out.

I know a lot of you, plus my roommate loved the chin implant, but I saw a whole different person.
I'm getting so emotional just thinking about this entire rollercoaster of emotions.

I have a great PS, he took out the chin because he knew I wasn't happy. He was very easy going and didn't charge me for the removal (honestly, I don't think any doctor should charge if it's not what the patient wanted).

Right now, I am happy.


(I wrote a review on the removal process - check that out too)


It's been a couple of days since the removal and I feel great! I see my old face again and I couldn't be more happier. There is still a good amount of swelling, but I honestly feel prettier, even my best guy friend has called me cute twice in the past two days... I didn't get called cute with that chin implant (which is something I noticed, plus I didn't get hit on as much).

I've got the tape still covering my chin, it's not as squishy, the skin looks like it's going back to normal. There are some dimples, but it's not bad, nothing I didn't have before, hopefully it doesn't worsen.
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Lots of regret with the chin implant, it stretched my face and did not shorten and define my chin. This wasn't addressed to me during the consult, I felt like my questions were dismissed as unimportant. I did not feel a great connection with this PS, and that's very important. You have to feel as if you and your questions matter, because we are not the experts. Overall he's credible and his nurse is awesome, she was why I followed through.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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