Planning New Surgery, Hoping to Get my Sexlife Back... - Beverly Hills, CA

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Saving up for new surgery as the last one was not...

Saving up for new surgery as the last one was not a success..! My last surgeon tightened the posterior wall, but lately I have realised that my issues probably is most due to the anterior wall being very lax, I can feel it when doing my kegels, and the wall also "gives in" when someone tries to stimulate my g-spot, and it ends up with my bladder/urethra hurting instead. So I have given up on sex until the new procedure hopefully is successfull. If I could only get back 50-60% of the pleasure I had before my baby was born, I would be thrilled! I had a wonderful consultation with Dr. John Miklos on telephone and I think I will go for him and Dr. Moore. They seem to have a lot of knowledge and compassion! For now Im saving up, and train with a pelvic electric stimulator so that my muscels will be strong and maybe help the outcome of the surgery.
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