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Hello welcome to my journey that I'm finally about...

Hello welcome to my journey that I'm finally about to start. Bare with me bexause my one year old doesn't let me do anything so be prepared for incomplete sentences and run ons lol. I've been wanting my tummy tuck for about 9 years now. My oldest is 10. When I was pregnant with her my start weight was 135 and on delivery 210lbs and gabe birth to a 10lb baby my little frame and tummy streched so much and has never been the same. 10 years later I gave birth to my boy and both pregnancies were C-sections. So after finally getting enough money on my income tax I went to the one place I knew that would let me do in house financing. 1st consult I had with Dr Anous who is verrrrry confident I put down $500 my secnd consult I asked if I can do without lipo because of money issues and he said I may not like it but he will do it I put down am additional $2500 so now I have my pre op which I will put down $1500 and on surgery $500 for a total of $5000 and they finance the rest total cost of procedure $8, 334.00. I researched my surgeous quite well and he has done 1000s of these procedures but Im still very nervous. Beverly Hills Physcians is the facility ill be going to. I kmow you guys are going to think I'm crazy for going to only one doctor for a consult and also not getting lipo but I feel if I don't get it now I will never have the time or money to. I start a new job after summer I'm 30 and done with kids I just really want to be confident not perfect. Take the extra skin off and ill be happy. :)
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