50th Bday Gift - Beverly Hills, CA

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Count down for my full tummy tuck, lipo of waist,...

Count down for my full tummy tuck, lipo of waist, flank and inner thighs. Five more days n the anticipation growing. I am more excited than nervous about having surgery. I've dreamt about this day for a long time.

I am 49 years old and wanting to feel alive again. Wear jeans that don't have fat in my pockets. I'm looking forward to wearing snug Cardigans again.

I am super excited. Happy and blessed to have this great opportunity.

Count down to July 7th...

I'm cleaning my house. Went shopping for soups and loose fitting cloths. Its Fourth of July but my celebration will be on the 7th. Can't wait!!!!

Surgery Day ????

Surgery day consisted of a 2.5 hour drive to Beverly Hills. I'm super excited. Not nervous at all. Ready to do this...

Surgery @ 7am

The marking of my body was the most awkward part of the surgery. That was me because Doctor was very professional and so meticulous.

Romina, RN , Rachel, RN, Charleen, anesthesiologist and Dr. Kerendian where absolutely awesome, professional and treated me like family.

Surgery done... now another 2.5 hour drive home.

Home by 7:30pm

Day #1 Post-op

I didn't sleep to well last night but I feel pretty good. No nausea, and not in much pain except when laugh or cough.

Romina, Dr. Kerendian's RN called to check on me. I do have left side swelling. Sent via text a pictures of the swelling but they said its normal.

Anesthesiologist called to check on me.

I am well taken care of. Thanks Desired Beauty...

Day #2 Post-op

I pain when I wake up after sleeping 8 hours missing my meds that should be taken every four hours.

Once I take my meds, I'm able to move around very slow.

I took a shower yesterday... Oh my!!! That was difficult. My mom helped me but I felt like I was going to pass out.

I have to admit, even though I thought why did I do have to take a bath so soon, I felt much better after the shower and slept like a baby.

Day #3 Post-op

I still have zero regrets about having the surgery and I feeling really good. Took a shower again today. It's exhausting even with my moms help. Slept like a baby after that ordeal. I'm happy to report I had my first bowel movement today. Yay!!!! For the other wise, simple things in life.

I'll post pictures in my Day #4 post.

Day #4 Post-op

First pics of before and after. I'm pretty excited about my flat belly and I really swollen today.

I will post more pictures once I get the pre-op pictures from surgery day.

Ps: my incision is straight and my belly button is perfect.

Day #6 of Post-op TT w/lipo

Had a follow-up appt on 7/12th. All is well, drains not removed because I still have swelling with over 20cc of fluid draining daily.

I feel really good. Tire easily but so happy with my ever shrinking results.

Day #19 Post op FTT, flank and Inner thigh lipo...

I'm feeling super and so happy that I did this for me. Had my third follow-up with Dr. Kerendian today since I still have both drains. Well, Dr said, I'm removing one drain today. I was surprised because I'm still draining 40+ cc daily. He asked which one? I quickly said "The right one, that one hurts the most." Ugh!!! Was so nervous about the pain I might feel. Dr. Said it will be like removing a bandaid. Oh, here we go. He applied pressure and pulled the drain tube and no pain.... I said, wow!!! No pain! Then all of a sudden, I felt pain. I had delayed pain. I responded and Dr. Giggled as I said "it's like and after burn." It passed quickly.

I still have a lot of swelling but still have great results. I can only imagine in a few months. I love my Dr, he did an amazing job.

Day 23 Post-Op FTT n Lipo

I am beyond pleased with my full tummy tuck with inner thigh n flank Lipo. This procedure has been unremarkable and worth the discomfort and lose of my independence for a few days. I have to thank my mom helping take a shower. It was so funny, I got dizzy and she had to get in the shower with me... Lol! The next day, she wore her bathing suit. My daughter was so helpful and my husband was in shock the first few days. He had no idea what to do with me. See, he's used to being taking care of. Heheheheh

I haven't weighed myself and I don't know what size I am BUT I am happy happy happy with my results this far.

I was so impressed with my results that I had an additional procedure (upper arm Lipo) on 7/28/16. I created a separate review, you can see a few pictures there.

God bless Dr. Kerendian and his staff. Desired Beauty, Beverly Hills California.

PostOp 8wks

Post Op 8wks FTT

Wanted to show a before n after at 8wks. I love love love my results. My incision is fading and its straight. My belly button is still dark but I know it takes time.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

I feel so confident in my doctor. TT, Lipo of waist, flank and inner thighs schedule 7/7/16.

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